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Senator Lamar Alexander
State: Tennessee
Party: Republican

Phone Number

1-202-224-4944Review Needed Please Comment


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9/7/2010 Contact Senator Lamar Alexander - Sir, I have information on the man in the white
Sir, I have information on the man in the white house, Obama Under the name oif (barry Soetoro) received financial aid as a foreign student, students from Indoneisa as a undergraduatehe was awarded a scholarship to the fulbright foundation program. toqualify for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship,
obama born in Kenya then coming to college in the United States As A foreign Student, pulled a big conspiracy against the United States Of America, this has been hideing for some time, he traveled to pakistan in 1981 , he had to travel under a foreign passport, as pakistan was on the US State Departmebnt No travel list in 1981. he also flew from NewYork to Jarkata and Karachi in 1981, but what passport did he use, this man is a fraud and nees to be kicked out oif the white house, i have papers on all of this.

Jerome JasinkowskiRead More
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