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Senator Lisa Murkowski is the first Alaskan born Senator to serve the state and only the sixth United States Senator from Alaska. The state?s senior senator, Lisa Murkowski is a third generation Alaskan, born in Ketchikan and raised in towns across the state: Wrangell, Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Since joining the Senate in 2002, Senator Murkowski has already made many strides on issues facing Alaskans. As she advocates for legislation on the Senate floor, her passion for improving the state of health care, education, energy, veterans? affairs and infrastructure development in Alaska is unquestionable.

Senator Lisa Murkowski
State: Alaska
Party: Republican

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9/25/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Senator, Lisa MurkowskiAs Pliers of Republican
Senator, Lisa Murkowski

As Pliers of Republican Strength
Please Vote to stop Funding for Obama Care
You all voted against the original bill, your constituents
Oppose this bill, stand up and fight for us.
“Cloture” plan is nothing more than a “Bait and Switch” Surrendering to Harry Reid
If you support this new bill you are nothing more than a Flaccid Phallus symbols.
Example: the school yard bully just bloodied your nose, you respond with select verbiage, OK. This is much more than a school yard scuffle; first you employ basic military protocol. Objective, Strategy, Tactics and an Exit Plan. Your objective is flawed; your forces are not committed, your strategy should be to fall back and regroup; your tactic is to rejoin the fight, but not with words; you attack with a baseball bat, you have not achieved your goal as of yet, but you now have the support of the support of the American people. The battle is still not won but your objectives are in reach. This battle cannot be won by last minute vote’s, forced by what the party feels to be ultimatums, then you vote on some washed down, pork laden compromised bill. If the almighty GOP wishes to survive you folks need to wake up, this may be your last chance, Senior republican who are opposing Ted Cruze are making a huge mistake, those of you who are feeling left out, so be it; get over yourselves. Ted Cruze is carrying the torch of the American people and has created momentum needed to do battle with the left, it won’t be easy and it’s going to require you to draw first blood, but in doing so you can regain the respect of the American people. By the way, that respect has been lost by you and it has happened during your tenure. You can do the right thing and stop this absurd Health Care Bill or just fade away into history as one of the do nothing Republicans.

Best Regard’s

Mark Chaffin

MarkRead More
4/10/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Senator Murkowski, I am against S. 374 and S. 649!
Senator Murkowski, I am against S. 374 and S. 649! I hope that you feel the same.

TimRead More
3/16/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski -

To all concerned about ILLEGAL Immigration in the United States of America!

An article titled: “Group of Young Immigrants Seeks a Direct Path to Citizenship for All, Regardless of Age.”really got me thinking about a couple of critical issues. The article stated that this group would press for a “direct and straightforward” seven-year pathway to citizenship for all 11 million illegal immigrants and would not support measures that only offered citizenship to young people brought to the United States as children.” They also rejected proposals that would tie their progress toward citizenship to measurements of border security, as well as wanted Mr. Obama to halt deportations during debate on this exact issue. Someone should explain the laws of the U.S. to them!! First of all as illegal immigrants who broke the law to be here in the United States and who came here without proper documentation, they do not have any right to demand anything.

Recently (January 28, 2013), a group of eight Senators---four from each party—released “Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” They want to streamline the system for high-skilled and agricultural workers, implement mandatory electronic verification of eligibility to work in the U.S., increase border security, and create a more efficient legal immigration system. They also want to provide probationary legal status to illegal immigrants, after passing a background check and pay a fine! Once certain enforcement measures are met and everyone who applied the right way to get into this country has received their green card, these “probationary immigrants” would be allowed to begin applying for lawful permanent residency. Probationary immigrants would have to pass an additional background check, pay any back taxes, and learn English and civics to be eligible to apply for a green card, after obtaining a green card, they would eventually be allowed to apply for citizenship.
As far as I can tell by the information that I have, all ten to twenty million illegal immigrants would be eligible under this “Framework.”
As I understand it, all the time they are here they would be able to work, travel and enjoy the United States of America as our own citizens do! Our citizens will pick up the bill for this AMNESTY!

Back in 1986, Washington gave an amnesty to three million illegal immigrants to do farm work. As we now know, these "farm workers" did not stay down on the farm because according to the 1990 census bureau, we had another three million illegal immigrants here! With this amnesty we were promised border security, BUT we got the amnesty without the border enforcement. A tamper proof identification card was also promised, but that was taken out before the signing.
Since 2004, we have doubled the Border Patrol agents to more than 21,000 at the taxpayers' expense. As well all know, the borders still are not secure because if these immigrants continue to be hired illegally, then they will continue to come! Sadly we have around 23 million of our own citizens who are out of work, and would be thrilled to have gainful employment.

With the new health care law coming next year, the pool of part-time and self-employed contract workers could grow. Already, the U.S. Labor Department says, 8 million of the nation’s approximately 26 million part-time employees desire full-time work but can’t find it! Illegal immigration is definitely NOT helping to make full-time work a reality for these workers.

We have veterans returning home daily who would like to have a good job and now the President and some of his partners want to give an amnesty to ten to twenty million illegal immigrants, which will obviously affect the employment opportunities for these veterans! We have over a half-million illegal immigrants who have had their day in immigration court, who have been ordered to leave the country, but then released back into society. We must have border security first, and my understanding the only section of the 200 mile border that is secure is around Yuma. An amnesty without border security is like 1986! The United States will regret another amnesty.

In Nebraska, between the months of Sept.2012 to Dec 2012, The Grand Jury of the District of Nebraska returned 41 indictments against illegal immigrants for illegal reentry into the U.S. This is 41 in one state, how many did we not catch and how many more are out there in the other 49 states? The January Grand Jury returned 11 indictments for illegal reentry into the U.S. These individuals committed a serious crime to be deported once, now they are back and will have to be prosecuted again. They will serve two to twenty years in our prison system if found guilty and then deported again. It costs between $12,500 to $30,000 to deport one individual, depending on the circumstances. We deport around 400,000 a year (our capacity), so you can see that illegal immigration is very costly. I believe we spent around $18 billion last year on border security and still failed to secure our borders! Look at SCAAP funding, which is the money the federal government provides states and localities for the cost of incarceration of illegal immigrants. Total SCAAP funding for FY 2011 was $272,238,251.00, and for the FY 2012 it was reduced to around $215 million. On Sept 24, 2011 total population in the federal system was 217,363, including 40,088 that had Mexican Citizenship. Total daily cost per individual was $77.49.

We can't forget the cost of illegal immigrants' health care, schooling and other services that they may not be entitled too, but often obtain. What about all the laws that are broken by illegal immigrants? How about the article by the Associated Press on Jan 24, 2013 entitled; “Medicare improperly paid for Immigrant and Inmate Care.” Medicare paid more than $120 million from 2009 to 2011 in violation of federal law for medical services for inmates and illegal immigrants. The program was billed for more than $33 million in inmate care and more than $91 million in illegal-immigrant care over this period! The article did not answer the questions; who billed for this money and where was this money paid out to? Of course, you can bet this money is gone.

I could go on and on about the cost and problems created by illegal immigration. I am sure you know that another amnesty will not solve this problem. As long as our borders are not secure, illegal immigrants can work here in the United States, and employers can keep right on hiring them without any repercussions, then they will just keep on coming. We also can not forget the criminal element that comes with unsecured borders and when you think of the criminal element, do not forget the victims. For every crime committed there is a victim!

Washington wants to give another amnesty (some of the illegal immigrants "demand" it) how will they pay for this? Who is going to pay for the investigations of all the illegal immigrants to make sure they are eligible to become citizens of the United States of America? Who is going to pay for all the people that will be needed? When Washington tried to push the DREAM Act through, illegal immigrants with less than 3 misdemeanor convictions remained eligible. These misdemeanor convictions could include driving under the influence, gang activity, sexual abuse of a minor, assault and prostitution! Will this also be in the new amnesty? It was also suggested that the Secretary of Homeland Security be granted the authority to waive any provision of the bill in order to grant illegal immigrants a citizenship—even if they do not meet the eligibility requirements. This may mean that everyone would be eligible no matter what the law says!
This is the same Secretary that said; “border-security-first refrain” is an excuse that ignores progress made on the U.S.-Mexican border, “progress” is not a secure border! Ask anybody?
Do you ever wonder how much information is given to the general public, so they can make an informed decision on illegal immigration? Much information is kept private, until it has to be acted upon by Washington, and that is the reason it is hard to trust them!

If you believe that another amnesty is not the answer, maybe it is time to call or write your elected officials that we sent to Washington and let them know your feelings on this important issue!
They were sent to Washington to do the will of their constituents! They need to know what your WILL is!

EVERYONE needs to know that if another amnesty is given, Washington needs to run up the WHITE FLAG so all the illegal immigrants will know that they have won and Washington has surrendered!

D. Mark Read More
2/5/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Battle
This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Attu, 11-29 May 1943.

And through all this time, there has never been placed on the island an appropriate American Memorial for the 615 brave American Boys who lost their lives in this great battle to preserve of way of like for us and the generations to follow.

You travelled to Attu last year to commorate and honor the native American Attuans and I thought this to be so noble of you. But what about our boys ma'am? You know full well that the Japanese memorial now on Attu is for the Japanese and the Japanese alone. They visit Attu every summer to pay homage to their war dear. And we Americans refuse to accept this foreign icon as medium to honor and pay our respects to our war dead. No where in history will you find a joint memeorial dedicated to friend and foe alike. This concept is of the highest dishonor to be bestowed on our WWII heroes of Attu. In short, it's just damn not right to have done this!

Please, ma'am, personally review all that is contained at and volunteer your influence to press upon the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage and in Washington, D C and let's correct these terrible insulting wrongs to our dead of Attu, once and for all. I am a 73 year old veteran and senior citizen....surely this must carry some weight and resecpt with you. Justice must prevail here and it will be like so many other things bad in the country...the government wins and "We the People" lose!!

JohnRead More
1/16/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - ATTAGIRL LisaAn intelligent Republican!!!

An intelligent Republican!!!
See if you can find a few more to join you on the debt limit

Your State is Gorgeous!!!!

Richard E. Metayer
Mystic, CT. 06355

DickRead More
1/2/2013 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - I have several questions, suggestions and
I have several questions, suggestions and comments………….

Why did it take to December 31 to get action on the fiscal problem? You have had all year to do it.

Why does the US send billions of dollars to foreign countries – some don’t even like the US, i.e. Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.?

Why do we subsidize the five major oil companies about 4 billion annually? Several foreign owned.

Why can’t our government cut some of the above dollars and leave the Military, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Education, Welfare alone?

Thank you for voting against the pay raise.

PegRead More
12/10/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Alaskan Independant. Supported your "write-in"
Alaskan Independant. Supported your "write-in" election. Dismayed when your father's nepotism placed you in Senate. YOU HAVE TURNED-OUT VERY WELL. Please stop lining-up with the extreme right wing of your party and support President Obama's plan for fiscal recovery. Quoting Dick Chaney's comment to a Liberal commentator, right after the election that made him Vice President..."YOU LOST!"

America has spoken. We need to move ahead in a civil manner.

Please stay off the "Obstructionist" Bandwagon.

You've got it in you!!

BennieRead More
12/10/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Alaskan Independant. Supported your "write-in" But
Alaskan Independant. Supported your "write-in" election. Dismayed when your father's nepotism placed you in Senate. YOU HAVE TURNED-OUT VERY WELL. Please stop lining-up with the extreme right wing of your party and support President Obama's plan for fiscal recovery. Quoting Dick Chaney's comment to a Liberal commentator, right after the election that made him Vice President..."YOU LOST!"

America has spoken. We need to move ahead in a civil manner.

Please stay off the "Obstructionist" Bandwagon.

You've got it in you!!

BennieRead More
11/29/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Senator Murkowski Pass the Middle Class Tax Cuts: 11.29.12
Dear Senator Murkowski,

I urge you to help pass the middle class tax cuts and raise tax rates on upper income people. Everyone knows it's the right thing to do. Please do what's right for the country and not what seems to be good for your party. I've seen you break ranks with your party before and we need it now. Thanks and happy holidays to you......pete

PeteRead More
11/27/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Dear Senator Murkowski: It has come to my
Dear Senator Murkowski:

It has come to my attention that we can still stop Obama, using the Constitution. Far too often the Republican Party seems more interested in losing gracefully than winning and governing. It is a time for critical and urgent action.
In mid- December the electors will cast their votes for the president of the U.S. The 12th Amendment of the Constitution as well as Article II of the Constitution govern the Electoral College.
According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting. If enough states refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress. The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.
Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they would vote for Mitt Romney, and the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for vice president. Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate, and he will not be a great president. But he will be infinitely better than Barack Obama. If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives.
That is how we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January.
Please do your part in supporting this concept, and spreading the word to your constituents.
We can still save America and use the Constitution to do it. But this is our last chance. Beyond this, Impeachment is the only avenue.

Sincerely Thomas Dinnocenzo

ThomasRead More
11/15/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Dear Senator Murkowski, Like you I too have been
Dear Senator Murkowski, Like you I too have been an Alaskan, for 40 yrs strong and have seen many changes take place in this great state of ours. I truly do believe in our US constitution, and Alaska's own. I further hope and believe you and our other ELECTED members will think hard and concise, on the mandates that have been set by the Federal gov.
At this time I am not happy with the election nor the current president in office, and I am reall y not liking to be lied to! I feel the following to be read and understood by all, because it affects us all.
I am writing to respectfully demand that you move to immediately refuse to set up ObamaCare "insurance exchanges" and reject the massive and unsustainable expansion of Medicaid.

States Don't Have To Implement ObamaCare! Obama is arbitrarily demanding states meet a deadline on 11/16 to Opt-In to ObamaCare. They must make a decision and inform the administration about whether they plan to create an "ObamaCare insurance exchange" and opt-in to ObamaCare's unsustainable Medicaid expansion - the astronomical financial base upon which this destructive law rests. State Governors can still stop ObamaCare before more damage is done.

More than a dozen states (Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia) already have made it illegal for state employees to implement ObamaCare's individual or employer mandates.

ObamaCare is bad for America. ObamaCare will cut Medicare Advantage so that HALF of the current covered individuals will be unable to keep the coverage they have with an immediate 27% reduction in benefits. Driving up the cost of health care in our great country, adding to our mounting and unsustainable debt, and stripping the ability of Americans to make our own health care choices. It is now up to the States to STOP ObamaCare once and for all.

Today dozens of U.S. companies announced plans to lay off thousands of workers. Only 19% said they were going to expand. Companies both large and small - have announced layoffs. The reason: The high costs of complying with ObamaCare.

No more excuses. The time for action is now! I respectfully demand that you move to immediately refuse to set up ObamaCare "insurance exchanges."

I also think we as a state should begin to get our (ducks in a row ) so to speak, and contain our Soviergnty and necessary papers ready to secede from this tyrannical form of government that is not listening to it's people. the great state of Alaska can work with the many other states doing the same, protecting their people, resources, and land. Let us not stand by Idlely and watch as we are overthrown. I say if you do not believe in the constitution of the united states of america, then we(the people) do not want you in the united states of america, corrupting our way of life!

Sincerely, Floyd

FloydRead More
10/5/2012 Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski - Dear Senator Murkowski,I was left not knowing what
Dear Senator Murkowski,
I was left not knowing what to believe after the DEBAT last night.
I am moved to retake my OATH of ALLEGENCE to the United States of America. I feel that once an oath is taken it stands forever. My Oath in the navy stands of proof of that.
I am borm American red blooded and true.


Br. AnthonyRead More
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