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Senator Mark Begich was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2008 after serving as the Mayor of Anchorage since April 2003. Born and raised in Anchorage, Senator Begich's priorities include focusing on a national energy policy that includes Alaska's oil and gas resources, an Alaska natural gas pipeline and the many renewable resources in Alaska. He is equally committed to improving the service and benefits for our nation's veterans who have served our country so honorably.

Senator Mark Begich
State: Alaska
Party: Democrat

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1-202-224-3004Review Needed Please Comment


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4/23/2013 Contact Senator Mark Begich - Senator Bogich: The vote of the Senate on Gun
Senator Bogich: The vote of the Senate on Gun Control,
Is more than a shame--it is the mark of Cain.

EstelleRead More
12/3/2011 Contact Senator Mark Begich - Senator Begich,I hope you did not vote yes for the
Senator Begich,
I hope you did not vote yes for the Senate National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. It is wrong to give the military authority over the people of the US. I hope that it is vetoed and the part about the authority to use the US military to arrest and hold US citizens indefinitely is removed. Thank you Ken

KenRead More
7/30/2011 Contact Senator Mark Begich - Senator Begich,I wrote you a letter but doubt that
Senator Begich,
I wrote you a letter but doubt that it will reach you before August 2nd. I asked that you remember two things: Compromise and Statesmanship. Voting to protect your re-election possibilities should not even figure into this rather significant event in this country's financial well-being.

Thank you.

SherryRead More
12/18/2010 Contact Senator Mark Begich - This is very important as you know just recently
This is very important as you know just recently this is going to hit the fan with everyone slashing our main fleet by half and 1/3 of our Submarines this is not what Reagan and Gorbachoff were thinking of we need everything across the board right now two nations are arming them selves not distroying nuclear material Iran and North Korea if they realize by consolidating their actions together we will not be able to deterre either of them when the time comes and we have the greatest responsibility to protect Isreal and South Korea they depend on our ability to do so We must vote against slashing our fleet not right now it would be disasterous for our allies even Great Brittain we would not have the man power to be their or even defend against both North Korea and Iran to attack us please vote against this cutting our Fleet we need it or we can ask for complete Impeachment rules its too drastic for all nations concerned I'm a democrat and I have never given up hope Thank you

AnthonyRead More
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