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10/11/2013 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Senator Warner, My name is Jeff Casey and I have
Senator Warner, My name is Jeff Casey and I have been watching the debacle in Washington as it has developed. I can't imagine how any politician would support the efforts the radical right wing of the Republican party has chosen to take, in closing the government. The threat of destroying the credit of the United States is absolutely insane. Everyone of these congressman took and oath of office to serve and represent the citizens and they are effectively breaking that oath. I know that Obamacare or the affordable care act is very unpopular with tem but they made no effort to improve on it or come up with something better. I know first hand how difficult it is to get affordable health insurance when you work for a small Company, that does not have the benefit of group rates. I also know that the Cobra Law is a joke. If you are unemployed like I am at this time you can't pay five times what you paid when you were employed. fortunately my wife was able to pick up a policy through her work. People who do not need health insurance don't care about the rest of us.
The Republicans set the coarse for the debt problem we have now when they entered into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and then tried to sustain those efforts far to long. Yes we should work to get our debt under control, but congress is no different has to be responsible to do so. They do not want to raise taxes at all because their constituent are big business and they want to cut the programs for the poor and elderly.
I have a suggestion to make. Maybe if the tax rate was linked to the GDP everyone wins. Because when the GDP goes up more jobs are created and this generates revenue through the tax base. This practice could help to end the stalemate in Congress and change the coarse of politics. This puts the ball in the court of big business and if they are productive they get the benefit as well. You can't do that over seas!



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7/12/2012 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Senator Warner, What is your position on the
Senator Warner, What is your position on the potential UN treaty on international gun control? What factors in the emerging treaty negotiations are likely to affect your vote on ratification?

HarryRead More
6/25/2012 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Senator Warner:The breaching of our national
Senator Warner:
The breaching of our national security by the Obama administration is consistent with its agenda to destroy democracy and freedom in America. The goal of Marxism and world order continues to be perpetuated by the devisive regime.


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1/17/2012 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Dear Senator Warner,Mr. Panetta and Mrs. Clinton
Dear Senator Warner,

Mr. Panetta and Mrs. Clinton were each eager to out-deplore, out-lament and out-bewail the other when it came to criticizing the Marines who urinated on enemy dead.

It is pretty evident neither Mr. Panetta nor Ms. Clinton every spent a single day in combat other than to have a photo op, or had to endure the day to day stress and anxiety that a battlefield environment creates. Is this any worse than GIs in World War 2 carrying pliers to pull the gold teeth from dead Japanese? I can count dozens of Jap skeletons I uncovered in the caves of Okinawa who had missing front teeth. Or is this any worse than a handful of Marines in Vietnam who hung dried ears of dead enemy combatants around their necks? I've seen them. The Marines' behavior are far removed from the inhumane acts perpetrated on our living servicemen who fall into the hands of our enemy - such as beheadings.

Do I condone this behavior - absolutely not, but if in some small way it relieves the stress associated with the horrors of war which these men continue to face, then who are MR. Pnetta and Ms. Clinton to decide otherwise. Their asses are not on the line. They awake each morning to a clean warm bed. This is not standard operating procedure, but an isolated incident. Let it be. We did not start this war.

I implore you to assure no adverse pressure is put on these Marines who every day put their lives on the line in defense our country.

John M. Lemandi
1966 - 1970

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8/1/2011 Contact Senator Mark Warner - My husband and I are at the highest tax bracket.
My husband and I are at the highest tax bracket. For this we get nothing. Our kids can't even get into the better state colleges. Non US citizens can and often get subsidized with my taxes. We don't even mind paying higher taxes if the government would reign in its own spending and lavish benefit packages they vote on for themselves. Federal and government employees get great benefit packages including pensions, early retirement, medical and dental etc. They also get undeserved job security. Its hard to fire a government employee. Companies on the private side stopped these benefits awhile ago.

Current social security recipients also are getting undeserved benefits. Todays Social security recipients are the very ones who are getting company pensions and also lived in more prosperous times. Many barely contributed to the system. Why are we worried about them and not the young people in this country that can't even get a job or the middle-aged worker who can't get a decent paying job with benefits. Who in our government worries or voted for programs to help the working families in the US.

Cut your own benefits, cut your big bureaucracies that do nothing such as the Department of Education, cut out half of the grant money you throw away, cut current social security and medicare benefits--not future benefits. Punish parents who choose to do drugs and drink and bring multiple damaged babies into our system. We don't punish these folks, we give them services. Reduce your own pay and benefits. Stay out of foreign affairs we have no business interfering in. Incentify American BIG business , not just small businesses, to keep jobs in the US. Stop government lawsuits on American companies. Incentify the American media to be more ethical and to promote responsibility and decency in the shows they produce aimed at our youth. Hire smart accountants with values and work ethics to oversee government spending and put into place systems that will eliminate fraud and waste. Eliminate-"pay and chase"-systems.
IQ check anyone running for office and any government employee that has a role in policy making or oversight and regulation. Please reform our prison system!

These things don't have to be so difficult--a qualified management team could probably get the work done in under 5 years. The working age people in our country need help now.

DianeRead More
7/26/2011 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Senator Warner, Please stand behind our president
Senator Warner, Please stand behind our president in the debt crisis. We can't spend money if no money is coming in. We have to have the tax breakes repealed to the wealthy. Please help this country by sanding with our president. Thank you.
Mrs.L. Miller

LlfraRead More
7/26/2011 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Dear Senator Warner:I support President Obama and
Dear Senator Warner:

I support President Obama and his call for compromise regarding the debt ceiling debate. Please support our president's position of compromise. I think it is unfair that the debt ceiling issue was highjacked via this created crisis, but it seems the "Tea Party Republicans" leave us no other alternative but to support the president and compromise moving forward.

Thank you and regards.
Mr. Millner

P.S.- I think it is a shame what the Republicans in Congress are doing to the president and America!

Peace KeeperRead More
7/17/2011 Contact Senator Mark Warner - Senator Warner, my name is Phyllis Stokes and I am
Senator Warner, my name is Phyllis Stokes and I am a 48 year old unemployed person. I know that oue economy is bad right and unemployment is high but I would like to know how thr Repubilicans think people are supposed to make it with no income. I live on SNAP benefits that I just starting which is $200 a month. I can't afford to buy my medicine because I have no income. I have alot of health problems; Lupus, Fibromyaliga, Fatty liver, High Blood Pressure,Depression just to name a few. I got turned down for Disability twice and now have hired a lawyer which I cannot afford. Please ask your fellow Democrats and Repubilican how am I suppose to make after working for over 30
years of my life. The illegal immigrants receive more that I do.

By the way I am a FAITHFUL Democrat and vote in every election.

PhyllisRead More
6/20/2011 Contact Senator Mark Warner - End the ethenal subsidy. This is about the dumbist
End the ethenal subsidy. This is about the dumbist thing we do in this country.

JackRead More

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