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Senator Elect Mike Lee from Utah, was elected on November 2, 2010. Mike Lee and his wife Sharon have three children and live in Alpine, Utah.

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1-202-224-5444Review Needed Please Comment


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3/14/2013 Contact Senator Mike Lee - STOP the PHONE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!11
STOP the PHONE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!11

AnneRead More
7/26/2011 Contact Senator Mike Lee - I strongly suggest you approve raising the deficit
I strongly suggest you approve raising the deficit requirement, ASAP. If you vote, regardless of a balanced budget amendment, for the proposal, I'll reconsider my opinion that the Mountain Meadows Massacre was the precursor to the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem advocated by the NAZIS. I suspect your censor ( aka webmaster) will not let you view this posting. Nevertheless, I suggest you consider my proposal. BTW, other than taking a couple of economics courses in college, what are your qualifications to pass judgment on macroeconomics issues?.........gary prager

GaryRead More
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