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Senator Elect Rand Paul and his family live in Bowling Green. Rand Paul, has practiced medicine and performed eye surgery for 17 years in Kentucky.

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United States Senate
State: Kentucky
Party: Republican

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1-202-224-4343 Review Needed Please Comment


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1/23/2017 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Great American!!!
Great American!!!

Richard Read More
6/28/2014 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Senator Paul,Please be a voice for the
Senator Paul,

Please be a voice for the American people and block Obama's request for 500 million US dollars to fund "rebels" in Syria. The only military forces which could be called rebels are offshoots of Al Quada. Why spend money opposing them in Iraq while funding them in Syria. Why get involved at all? What this the immediate danger to the USA? There is none.

The only support for this crazy proposal comes from the Neocons. Oh yes, it is the Neocons and the Necon Collaborators in the Democratic Party such as Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein. These types voted for the iraq War, the Wall Street Bailout (twice), urged the bombing of Iran and wanted us to invade Syria. The Neocons and Neocon Collaborators have been wrong every time and are wrong now. Please oppose them every time the raise their ugly heads.

Henry Read More
3/10/2014 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Senator Paul,I've been watching what you have
Senator Paul,
I've been watching what you have been doing and feel that you are working hard to restore America. However, I want to know if you are backing Mitch McConnell or Mr. Blevins?

Laurie Read More
1/5/2014 Contact Senator Rand Paul - THE NSA CAN AND WILL DO THE SAME THINGS THAT IBM

KEN Read More
12/13/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - So much for the Republican Party. What a bunch of jerks.
I am not a follower of the 'Tea Party'.

Former President G.W. Bush, in his eight year term, raised the debt ceiling SEVEN TIMES!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're a GRIPER about President Obama not getting it in order. Why don't you mention this fact to your followers? You are nothing but a radical socialist in a sheepskin. You and your Tea Party cohorts are a dreary bunch.

You are a crybaby singing your swan-song about the high debt ceiling. You are just a cynical politician with no backbone, yes, but a sweet singing Antagonist!

What about your home state.?Are you getting the states highways, bridges, hospitals and schools and any other projects that need attention to in order? What about sponsoring the return of manufactures to return their production from China. It's about time that you and the other Tea Party, politicians took this to task and put AMERICAN workers back to work!!!!! CHINA IS KNOCKING ON OUR DOOR.

I think that all Tea Party politicians should work with the Government to get the things done that President Obama proposes. All this bellyaching. Face it, The Tea Party, lost the election. Old Mitt Romney only garnered the white men's vote.

Are you aware of the fact that President Obama ended the war in Iraq? Remember that President G.W. Bush attacked a sovereign country(Iraq). The first time in history where the USA was the aggressor!!! In addition, as a result of this war, President Bush killed over 4000 soldiers and thousands that were wounded. Why is he not in jail for these murders.

So much for the Republican Party. What a bunch of jerks.

Have you heard? The USA in now a net OIL exporter!!! Thank's to Obama expanding the work force.

Regards, Marko (born and raised in Wash,Pa).

Mark Read More
11/22/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - If you want to represent the interests of Israel,
If you want to represent the interests of Israel, Rand Paul, then move to Israel. With allies like Israel, the US doesn't need enemies. With Congressmen who serve the interests of another nation over our own interests, well, that's treason.

Dr. Ed Read More
10/7/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Thanks for standing up to the Presidents latest
Thanks for standing up to the Presidents latest Saul Alinsky tactics. Someday the mainstream media will spin their collective heads around and see what has happened to this great country. But until they do, it's all about supporting 'progressivism' to the hilt.
In your recent appearance on Meet the Press, I was shocked that their prompter reader did not even listen to a word you said. Not once did she say: "Oh, I didn't know that" the many, many answers you gave to her relentless spewing of Democrat talking points. I was embarassed for any new 'journalist' that had to watch her and then give a report back to their classmates.
Thank you for your always professional conduct; your grace under pressure; and mostly for not insulting her intelligence like Senator Reid constantly does.

Craig Read More
9/12/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - You say bible thumper. Your damn right. I hold my
You say bible thumper. Your damn right. I hold my bible to my heart. Maybe you should not mock Jesus, someone I would guess you know nothing about. You should try to pick up a Bible and read it. This is one nation under GOD and in GOD we trust.

You think we are the minority in our country. You live in one city. We are the majority. All of us. White, Black, Asian, Mexican is what you see. We just see Americans, United We Stand. You only think we aren't watching. I dare not call you sir for I think you lack any courage as a man. I say you grossly underestimate the strength of Americans, and how well organized we are as a people. We hold strength like you could never know.

We are not scared or weak. We do not fear you and never will.

Chris Read More
3/9/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Senator Rand Paul, you self serving fool. You are
Senator Rand Paul, you self serving fool. You are no Jimmy Stewart, nor a decent human being. First you promote yourself as a head of some organization for eye doctors which you were the only member...farce. Then you sell yourself as the savior of America from the black man and the new world order...which you are not a part of. You will never be more than a muckraking, race baiting libertarian who is the head of the "Morons or "MoRands" of America. You just pick out weed or drones or any other controversy, like your father's great idea to move to a gold standard in the middle of a depression/recession. You ignore your bible and bear false witness against your neighbors on a daily basis and use filthy/ugly communication to get the fringe of this country to show there slave mentality. When the flag wavers and bible thumpers get scared they are going to be a minority in their own country you use this to become president??? You are no President sir, more like a P.T. Barnum! What you don't realize, as you are a legend in your own mind, is there are millions and millions of older Americans who have observed over these decades that groups like yours and your tea bag gin fools is we have more power than you will ever attain. So go on with your fear mongering and New world order conspiracies and keep fooling those affable igiots in Kentucky who force the rest of us to endure your bullshit. Because this is a Democratic Republic and throughout our history we have had to put up with MoRands like you before and I'm sure you won't be the the adversary controls this earthly world and you are part of His army. You are only going to attract the extremists in this god forsaken land. If it wasn't for the fact that the 17th amendment was put in place to give checks and balances to the House, which has a history of always being extreme; we should repeal the 17th just to rid ourselves of Pauls,McConnell(Mushmouth),Cruz,Shelby,Mccain,Golmes,Demints,Sessions,Rubio,Inhofe,Grassley,Graham,Ried,Thune,Cornyn,Lee,Hatch,Barrasso,Boxers of the world nd all the igiots that the south continues to give us. Rich, White, racist businessmen with sociopathic tendencies. Thank god your father retired

Terry Read More
3/8/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Thank you Senator Rand. I can't tell you how
Thank you Senator Rand. I can't tell you how thankful and invigorated by what you did. We Finally had the floor, and w you used it very well! Thank you very much!!!!! Just ignore the media and the haters! Melody Ambler

Melody Read More
3/6/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - Thank you Senator Paul for demanding Obama provide
Thank you Senator Paul for demanding Obama provide his legal authority (actual documentation) for drone strikes / or murder through any means carried out against U.S. citizens. I am a progressive Democrat in the vein of L.B.J. / J.F.K and F.D.R
I know little about you Senator Paul, but I pledge my support to you in your stand to uphold and protect the U.S Constitution.

pat courtney Read More
2/18/2013 Contact Senator Rand Paul - 2/18/2013 at 325PM. Dear Senator Paul, rather
2/18/2013 at 325PM. Dear Senator Paul, rather than " run my mouth", I would prefer to
make our time count better by asking what You know the status to be on the ATT Treaty
being considered in the UN Assembly and the USA Senate Chamber. Can You or will you
allow a private citizen to know how this matter is progressing ? Best Regards, Gregg.

Gregg Read More
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