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3/18/2017 Cooper Tire - Hello; I was wondering what my options
I was wondering what my options are as far as a warranty claim. I bought four of your high end tires for my 2008 Sonota last April at Brit Tire, Charleston, WV. The tires, I was advised by management, have a 80,000 mile warranty. They currently have just under 32,000 miles and all tires are on or beyond the wear indicators. I've rotated them five times since I bought them (every 5,000-8,000 miles). They cost much more than a standard 30,000 mile tire. My boss, on another job, helped me pay for them. A few months ago I brought the early wear issue up with the management at Brit. They looked my vehicle up and acknowledged they were wearing out early, that I must not have rotated them. The manager came outside and had to acknowledge, upon inspection, they were wearing evenly across the tread area. They seemed unenthusiastic about helping me to replace them per the warranty minus the 33,000 miles I have got out of them. I mentioned getting snow tires for one of my trucks. I thought they might trip over themselves to quote me a price. In short I will not be dealing with Brit anymore. I have bought Coopers from several dealers to include Wright Tire (now defunct) and more recently C. Adam Toney of Beckley, WV. and other stores since the early '90's. Your response is appreciated. I have a 2012 Titan I will be getting tires for in May or June.
-Thank you

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