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9/15/2016 Corel - If I don't get a response here about returning a
If I don't get a response here about returning a defective disk on Corel X8, then I will start a USA complaint process with Better Business Bureau, National Business Burea, MS Attorney General, USA AttyGeneral, Senior Citizens, AARP, and local Business Bureau! I have had it with you and have put up with your techies for a month who have done absolutely nothing about this defective disk. I have also paid $100 to a Tech company here and they say it is definitely my computer since they have gone over it completely! So, don't give me that stuff over again! If I don't here from you to get a refund on my Visa, I will also tell Visa what's going on. I have been a customer of yours for years, but will absolutely blackball you and not order anything else from you!

Ina LynnRead More
5/18/2016 Corel - WordPerfect Office X8 install - received an error
WordPerfect Office X8 install - received an error message during installation (tried 3 times). I've contacted Corel support 4 times over the last 3 days and have not received any reply to my problem.

GingeRead More
3/16/2016 Have used Corel's studio programs for many years,
Have used Corel's studio programs for many years, (Studio 10, 11, 15, 16 & 18). Thinking of buying studio 19. Before doing so I have tried to get a question answered by using their 877-582-6735 number. I get connected to someone that only wants to place my order, can't answer the question and can't connect me with someone that could. Tried on-line chat. Sent in problem/question and there was no response.

Registered studio 18 less than a year ago with user name & password. They tell me the password is no good. When I use their process to have a new password sent, that I did three times , I get no response.

Their customer service has not been very good for me.

GeorgeRead More
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