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1/25/2013 Cost Plus World Market - Great job to the St. Charles, IL store of World
Great job to the St. Charles, IL store of World Market! I had called two other World Market stores in my area that could not put together the four chairs I needed tonight. Then I called the St. Charles store and asked for a Manager. His name was Darnell. He treated me well, said he could put together the four chairs and had them in stock for me. I was ecstatic. Keep in mind I called two other stores that told me they didn't have the person to do this or the time to do this. This store delivers a great service to people. Every store member was super friendly and cared. The manager even gave me directions on how to get to the store without me asking. This was fantastic service. I will return to this store again and again even though I live 2 minutes from another one of their stores.

Susan Read More
1/22/2013 Cost Plus World Market - I had a problem with the bolts for the Pub Table.
I had a problem with the bolts for the Pub Table. The Small Allen Bolt was to large for the hex nut to tighten.
When I looked at the directions it said to Call our toll free number for assistance or the nearest store.
I called the toll free number but there is no selection for a live person to ask for assistance. So why have that printed on the assembly instructions if you call and can't talk to anyone? Clearly not customer friendly. I ended up picking a selection one that pertained to ordering online - which I hadn't but I needed to talk to someone who could help me. When my call was answered, the World Market employee was not able to help me and directed me to call the local store. Who would think that the store would have any allen bolts - like they have a collection of nuts and bolts for all of the furniture that needs to be assembled?
No, they did not have any, but they will be getting some in a shipment of three more tables in several days and they are going to pull the bolts from the tables coming in.(!)

My irritation is that Ialready paid for the table, got it home, and am stuck at part two of the assembly and will have to wait a couple of more days.

DianeRead More
1/10/2013 Cost Plus World Market - I read this on facebook Napa CA. FYI the word is
I read this on facebook Napa CA. FYI the word is spreading fast
Richard SchardtCost Plus World Market

I wanted to share my friend Veronica McCaffrey experiance with your Napa store that she had today.

Hey everyone this is what happens at Cost Plus World Market in Napa!!! Don't shop there anymore!
I should share my incident today with our local store World Market. I purchased the 2 large candelabras along with 2 candles and a few other miscellaneous items. The lady wrapped the porcelain candelabras in tissue and placed both of them along with the candles into a small bag that wouldn't close. I politely said thank you and took one step away from the cash register to have my handle rip into half and the bag fall to the ground. Immediately I picked it up as the customer behind me told me I had better have that checked just in case it broke. So, that I did. The lady at the register seemed irritated to say the least as I asked if we could check the contents. She opened the bag to see both items broke into 100 pieces. Immediately, she stated that it was in my possession and my fault and that there was nothing she could do. I stopped for a moment in shock at how she accused me not once, not twice but 3 times at how it is my fault those broke and was quick to say to me several times, the store wasn't going to replace them. I started to cry asking for the manager, the clerk left and came back saying the manager Roger, would not allow the replacement either and that it was my fault, once AGAIN. I begged to speak with the manager myself so, she hesitantly retrieved him. He walked up, ripped open the bag yelled at me while not listening to a word I had to say. I asked him to look at the ripped handle of the tiny bag everything was stuffed in. I was in such a disarray and disbelief that the manager was yelling at me that I lost all concentration. He proceeded to furiously throw broken pieces of the porcelain into the garbage can missing the can at the register telling the clerk to use a code to break it out. Next thing he did was yell out to another young employee to help me out to the car so that my things make it. I felt belittled and more so..unappreciated for my $112.00 purchase. PS the broken items totaled $22.00.

LynetteRead More
8/9/2010 Cost Plus World Market - i need 2 promo codes for a 3 free movie tickets.I
i need 2 promo codes for a 3 free movie tickets.I received exlusive offer with my purchase on august 2,2010 at your store.Cashier informed me,that when i go on on 8-2-10,ill receive a special promo codes,and than on movie i can receive 3 movie tickets.On my special receipts clearly says offer valid 8/2/2010 thru 8/3/2010.When i went on your website on 8/2/10 i got messages several times,that promotion expired.After several attempts,i got finally 1 promo code,and then email,that i won ticket.What happened to the other codes.Why on first day i had a message,that promotion had ended.
I called cust. serv.about this matter, they suppose to return my call ,but i still didnt hear anything.
Please provide me with those valid promo codes asap,or better yet with movie tickets vouchers,since now offer is expired

your loyal customer
Margie Kubovic

maggieRead More
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