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Cox Communications provides cable television service, high speed internet, home security and telephone service to customers in the United States.

Cox Cable Phone Numbers by State
Arizona Customer Service Number: 1-866-867-2629
Arkansas Customer Service Number: 1-888-952-3278
Central Florida Customer Service: 1-888-269-9693
Cleveland Ohio: 1-216-535-3500
Connecticut: 1-877-206-4210
Acadiana Louisiana: 1-888-215-8474
Baton Rouge Louisiana: 1-800-457-8974
Gulf Coast: 1-850-478-0200
Hampton Roads Virginia: 1-757-224-1111
Idaho: 1-208-726-4561
Kansas: 1-888-952-3278
Las Vegas: 1-702-383-4000
Mid Georgia: 1-478-784-8000
New Orleans: 1-504-304-8444
Northern Virginia: 1-703-378-8422
Fredericksburg Virginia: 1-540-373-6343
Oklahoma City: 1-405-600-8282
Omaha Nebraska: 1-402-933-3000
Orange County and Palos Verdes California: 1-800-234-3993

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-404-843-5000 1, 0#, 0#, 1


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11/17/2017 Cox Communications - If I could give you a negitive 5... I would. Your
If I could give you a negitive 5... I would. Your customer service is non existant. You have abused me for 23 years. I hate you.

Dawnue Read More
6/21/2017 Cox Communications - I have been with Cox for years. No longer need
I have been with Cox for years. No longer need home phone, put on hold for 15 minutes. Rude, condescending, ignorant, poor speech skills, little to no knowledge, seriously COX hire employees who can speak and have manners and educate your employee to handle situations properly. Their math skills are less than 3rd grade.

T Read More
3/31/2017 Cox Communications - I was with this company for over 25 year ...... my
I was with this company for over 25 year ...... my mother got sick I had to move to Chicago.... I paid my bill..... I told that my final bill would be 176...... when got it was 286.. I called to your ass hole reps was told that he would help to get it right.. first mistake ....I never got my money

i will never used this com Read More
3/20/2017 Cox Communications - 22 yrs. with Cox...They seem to be falling
22 yrs. with Cox...They seem to be falling apart..3 issues with outage in 20 days!!..In all the years, this has been the worse and no one seems to care as the problems keep repeating themselves.Not only does the TV just go off, but my land line(attached to Alarm system)goes as well...Luckily we were in town!
Please, if the powers that be, read these comments, take them to heart!!

People get tired of drama, especially at these huge amounts of charges!

Also, there is a tech in Omaha Nebraska named Summer...Please send her back to school for some MANNERS!

SUSAN Read More
3/2/2017 Cox Communications - cox, I returned ur device when I cancelled,now 5
cox, I returned ur device when I cancelled,now 5 years later u hve debt collector coming after me for 300 dollars, I remember telling the guy that work there that I do not want to hear issue about this later on,he assured me that there would be no issue...seriously!! cox ur a joke!!! take the time to read our reviews sometime, maybe then you can find a better management to handle these problems.


ron Read More
1/22/2017 Cox Communications - Your inability to broadcast the AFC title game
Your inability to broadcast the AFC title game without CSpan cutting in every few minutes is driving a 30 year customer to become a Direct TV customer.

Fred Read More
12/15/2016 Cox Communications - Absolute joke of a large company with absolutely
Absolute joke of a large company with absolutely no customer service. 1. Tore a 2' x 2' hole in my drywall. Blew water all through my garage water damage everywhere. Removed stone from my planters Installed cable in my decorative Stamped driveway in the joint with no epoxy to hold it in. Called over a dozen times and the same answer sorry we will have someone contact you. Here I sit 10 months later with No call nobody has even showed up to look at my situation. Taking them to the contractors board.

Owen Ondrisko Read More
12/2/2016 Cox Communications - Terrible service. If I deducted fees for every
Terrible service. If I deducted fees for every time that I did not have service or channels that I pay an ungodly amount for Cox would be paying me. I give up, switching carriers. Really do not understand how they are still in business.

Robin Read More
10/23/2016 Cox Communications - This is my first experience with Cox
This is my first experience with Cox Communications, and it has been absolutely terrble. All I wanted was a landline for my 90+ year old parents so they have access to a phone in their senior living residence. They already had adequate TV service through their facility. I made it abundantly clear that we just wanted to connect up a telephone. Well, the incompetence in achieving a simple task was soon apparent. Not only did it take almost an hour to make the application for service, the representative miscopied my cell phone number and this resulted in not getting a call prior to the arrival of the service man. Even though I was present in my parents' apartment, I missed the service person when I took them to breakfast never suspecting that they would arrive and leave unannounced! It was only when I called, that it was discovered that the service people were calling the wrong number! Even still, the Cox representative acted as though it were my fault for the wrong number-- Then, I waited another 9 hours to get the phone installed. Then, I was informed that the service order called for the installation of high speed internet--a service I clearly stated that we did not need, nor want. And, in addition to that upset, the installation of the phone destroyed my parents' access to the TV service they already had through their facility! Because this event happened on the weekend, I am unable to address these issues until Monday, and then of course, we will be charged for services we did not order, and did not want, and the installation process took away my parents' primary source of entertainment which they enjoedy prior to the installation. The man who installed the phone was excellent, but he could not remedy the faulty number and the faulty order that was imposed upon us from the service contract people. I am ready to tell Cox to go to the place down under, and swear that I would never use or recommend their services again. Perhaps, the only way to fix this is simply to cancel the service entirely and start with another company. The problems we had with Cox destroyed about 10 hours of my time this weekend, and probably will waste a good deal more of my time when I try to get these snafus straightened out. Boo to Cox !! I think their representatives purposely put us down for service we did not want in order to boost their "productivity

Carol Read More
10/17/2016 Cox Communications - Cox representive sold me a new package which was
Cox representive sold me a new package which was suppose to be Cheeper And more Channels . It did not and was not.
I think he just wanted a commission!

Rex Read More
10/8/2016 Cox Communications - No stars!!! For months we have been working with
No stars!!! For months we have been working with Cox.. We are loyal customers and for 25 years have been customers . We pay over $400 a month for services. For the fourth time in the last five weeks we have had difficulty with our TV and the new boxes . Tonight when calling customer service we got a ridiculous reception from both Anna and especially Richard the loyalty customer service person who became very irate with us because we were concerned about the service . This person who is supposed to be customer service was upset with us for airing our concerns and our frustration with the company . My husband and I both are master degreed leveled people who work in jobs were customer service is something that is not only important but also valued . Cox needs to retrain their loyalty specialists in the area of customer service . Obviously Richard does not value us as a customer and did not feel that it was an imposition for us to pay What we pay a monthly basis and not receive service for three days ( which is when they can send someone out here to fix the problem . )He was not sure why we should air our concerns to him. We did remind him that he is the customer service loyalty person that they transferred us to . I am sure you record these conversations, please follow up and maybe retrain your customer service loyalty personnel . Cox also needs to service their customers in a more efficient manner. For over $400 a month we get to wait three days for somebody to come out and figure out or troubleshoot the problem with our cable TV our phones and our Internet. Shame on you Cox Cable !

Ken Read More
7/20/2016 I HATE COX COMMUNICATIONS!!!!!!!!! They lie, cheat
I HATE COX COMMUNICATIONS!!!!!!!!! They lie, cheat and make excuses worse than a politician. I was told that I had a lock in for $141 and within 12 months, my bill went up 23% to $181. When I called to ask why, I was given a run around that would make any reasonable person crazy. I called back and talked back and talked to their Loyalty Department and was put om old several times while a young lady told me she would she is she could get me account costs lowered. She finally came back and told me that COX could lower my bill to $171. She told me the reason my bill was so high is that I should be paying $230 but she was giving me a $70 credit to bringing my bill down to $174 ( $7 less that the 23% increase). I further told her that I did not need several channels in their line up seems that they were Spanish speaking channels and my wife and I do not speak or understand Spanish. The next thing was the landline. I told her we didn't need the landline because we used cell phones and I was informed that there would be a $100 disconnect fee. I asked how you could charge a fee for something we never had and I was informed it was part of my bundle whether I used it or not. If you like being over charged, run around when you need service, and being held hostage by COX communications then by all means, use this service!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Read More
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