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5/12/2014 Cracker Barrel Restaurant - I eat at Crackle Barrell in Port Charlotte Florida
I eat at Crackle Barrell in Port Charlotte Florida at least 4 to 5 times a week , I usually order the same thing of sweet ham, okra and pinto beans with juice and chopped onions. When the juice arrived it has no color. I was informed that Vicky added water to extend the juice. I returned the juice and the server had to get the juice herself. I have never asked for anything free. I am willing to pay extra and give at least 30 to 40 percent tip. I figured I paid Crackle Barrell $500 to $600 a month or $6000 to $7000 a year! I reported the incident to the manager and he did not charge me for meal........
The issue here is integrity, honesty, purity of the food, and most of all consumer TRUST. I sure hope somebody from Crackle Barrel contact me on this!!! Carl

CarlRead More
2/26/2014 Cracker Barrel Restaurant - Why did Cracker Barrel discontinue the Beef Stew?
You have taken away the food item I loved the most and that is the beef stew. I am so mad that I do not go into the cracker barrel much anymore. This used to be my favorite restaurant but not anymore. You are caving to the libs in making food that is healthy and I tell you this I will eat what I want to eat and not cave to the lib's as to what I eat. The meat loaf recipie has changed and it is not good anymore. It is very untasty and I am done, no more. We have had a one of a heck of a winter up here in Indiana and a nice bowl of beef stew would be great. You do not even have a hot bowl of any kind of soup for cold weather. The gift shop also does not have the top line gifts you use to offer at Christmas time either. I see this business going down. I lived in Knoxville, Tn for 17 years and am a avid UT fan and worked for the University for all those years. This was the first restaurant I ate at on the first visit to Tennessee back in 1980. I loved this restaurant dearly. Please fix it before you go down too far and end up going out of business like has happened to many of other businesses.

KarenRead More
12/21/2013 Cracker Barrel Restaurant - Cracker Barrel now caved to the Liberals because of A&E
Cracker Barrel now caved to the Liberals - Like A&E

You customers support Phil and the Duck Dynasty Family. The Liberals laugh at Cracker Barrel and their food. They think it is white-trash road-kill. You better watch out, you are ticking off your paying customers.

ChuckRead More
12/6/2012 Cracker Barrel Restaurant - Your music on your Cracker Barrel ad is from Kennel Ration Dog Food
I waswondering if you realized your new ad music is the old music for kennel ration dog food. I. Don"t. Think it's really.your best choice.

jeannie cassRead More
3/25/2011 Cracker Barrel Restaurant - Recently ate at your CB Restaurant east of
Recently ate at your CB Restaurant east of Delaware, Ohio. Ordered your catfish dinner-two sides. Received ONE VERY SMALL Piece of fish . Three bites worth!!!!! $8.68 bill. Utterly disappointed. When in to eat--what did I get? Will not be back--ever. Make money some other way than "cheaping" up the meals. McDonalds has two fish for $3.99. Burger King two for $5. Arbys fish meal for $3.99. We have THREE fish fries going on in this town RIGHT NOW---$8--ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!. You ought to be ashamed. Used to stop at your restaurants all the time. NOW-SORRY ABOUT YOU LUCK!!!!!

alanRead More
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