Cricket Wireless Phone Number



Cricket Wireless® Customer Service Phone Number:

1-800-274-2538 or 611 from Mobile Phone

Cricket Wireless is one of the largest in the industry.

Cricket Wireless Corporate
Cricket Wireless LLC
575 Morosgo Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 USA

7am to 7 pm et

More Phone Numbers
From Mobile: 611
Customer Care: 1-800-274-2538
Tech Support 1-866-384-4425:
Corporate Number: 1-858-882-6000
Corporate Fax: 1-858-882-6010

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-866-384-4425 Press #1 for English Then Stay Online


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4/29/2017 Cricket Wireless - Impossible to get help from a live person via
Impossible to get help from a live person via phone!

Marsh Read More
2/23/2017 Cricket Wireless - Fantastic company,no complaints.
Fantastic company,no complaints.

Andrew Read More
1/22/2017 Cricket Wireless - The service is bs I bought a 50$ cricket card and
The service is bs I bought a 50$ cricket card and it says it has been used? I'm so sick of the run around I want my damn money back.And to talk to someone over15 that is a us citizen.

Melissa Read More
1/17/2017 Cricket Wireless - Just obtained a cricket phone last evening and
Just obtained a cricket phone last evening and tried to cancel before even walking out of cricket store. I wanted to cancel because I refuse to give a credit card number they and possible hackers have access to. They did tell me this is their usual process of payment plan, but would be able to met my payment needs by mailing check. All they would refund is the price of phone and case, not the first months service fee of $50.00. They provided me a customer service number that is automated and will only allow upgrades. Searched internet for a customer service number and it is a sales loop. CRICKET APPEARS TO BE A CORPORATE MONEY MAKING SCAM. So far in first day, I also have had trouble with 3 attempted calls going thru. Unfortunately going to have to go back to Verizon. Just like picking a president, bank, etc. Pick the lessor of the evils.

craigers Read More
10/4/2016 Cricket Wireless - can't get through their continuous sales pitches,
can't get through their continuous sales pitches, totally worthless

david Read More
9/13/2016 Cricket Wireless - I am beyond frustrated with this company. They
I am beyond frustrated with this company. They hire kids to help you. "we cannot help you on the phone. Come to the store. We cannot help you at the store use the 1800 #. Who told me to use the internet . Which is where I started. So they told me to try tomorrow. Which is today and I am getting the same merry chase. I have been rude to and hung up on. I am going back to Verizon.

jamie Read More
6/4/2016 Cricket Wireless - crickets sucks I regret moving to this trashy
crickets sucks I regret moving to this trashy company had no reception from 1:00pm to like 3:00am I use my gps at work lost a day of work thanks cricket

Denny Read More
6/3/2016 Cricket Wireless - cero stars. I have been waiting and calling and
cero stars. I have been waiting and calling and calling and anybody answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

denis Read More
5/25/2016 Cricket Wireless - One of my worst experiences in recent years was
One of my worst experiences in recent years was attempting to set up WI FI hotspot. There were many phone calls (5 at least) over many hours (5?) and the job remains undone. Interestingly to me was the fact that each of the 5 people to whom I spoke gave me different instructions as to how to set up the APP. They all started with SYSTEMS, but varied dramatically from there on. Each assured me that they'd do their best to tale care of my problem, to make me a satisfied customer. The more I expressed my disappointment and anger, the more each sweetly assured me that it was only a matter of time before my problem would be solved. The last young woman finally suggested I take the phone to the Cricket store, which I will do. I am wondering which of the 5 paths to correction will be taken there, or if the representative will come up with a 6th solution. I just hope the job gets done.


nevermore Read More
5/2/2016 Cricket Wireless - More of the same sh-t these people should be
More of the same sh-t these people should be disbanded. 'Im changing my phone service and will gladly take a contract after two months of merry go round hell with extremely inept, customer service reps and managers. Their HQ number does not exist. They have NO HELP for you whatsoever.
I am also posting this message online in other areas so as cricket cannot use my information to bully me like they have with others.

S Read More
11/29/2015 minus negative stars for Cricket Wireless customer service
minus negative low can u go..was trying to pay my bill early oh for gods sake don't ever do that,,,,fubars the whole make a long story short and more boring they ended up charging my Amex account 4 times in the amount of less than a minute and then they suspended my card d t the excessive charges in less than a minute $55 a pop. now my Amex account is FUBARed bc it looks as tho to them Amex peepa...that I planned this and i charged my own card back to back to back right. im so pissed off still i can barely type this but do not ever use cricket...unless u enjoy being treated with no respect, treated as tho you at the second class citizen, their recording is so offensive and they teach the CSRs the same response...there is no deviation you will never win succeed or have them understand you. I wish there was an English speaking phone company honestly A T & T ranks almost the same....this totally blows chunks

dr hottie Read More
9/2/2015 Cricket Wireless Removal of services
Removal of services; I had a Tragedy in my life which I lost everything including phone numbers that were not saved in a cloud nor backed up, On August the 21st of 2015 I called 411 from my Cricket phone to to locate a couple of my friends, to my surprise that service no longer exists, when I left Verizon in August of 2007 to move to Cricket I found the services equivalent to Verizon, I am 60 years of age vision not the greatest I went to the library to use their computer to locate a customer service phone number to call cricket since there was no available way to my knowledge to call cricket customer service from my phone the best I came up with was a chat box the reply was that service no longer exists, does that mean every provider does not have 411?.

David Read More
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