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5/23/2016 Cricut - I hate that I can't ever get intouch with someone
I hate that I can't ever get intouch with someone I ordered a machine and have been calling ever since to find our when it would ship and why it hasn't showed on my card and even sent a email and no response

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9/17/2015 I tried to get a replacement cord for my original Cricut
I tried to get a replacement cord for my original Cricut only to find that they no longer keep it in stock at In my opinion, I have not used the machine enough to have the cord stop working, but it did. I tried to contact them by phone but 3 times I stayed on hold for over 15 minutes. (No "Please hold, your call is important to us" - just music). I contacted them by email 4 days ago and was told that they would send me a one-time replacement if I gave them some information. One item was the receipt, which I do not have since it was a gift. I asked for the cost and how to pay them. So far I have received no response.

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4/24/2015 I have been on hold at the Cricut customer
I have been on hold at the Cricut customer dis-service number for almost 30 minutes. Yesterday was 20 minutes before I gave up. Their excuse seems to be a high volume of customer calls (issues or complaints I would guess) which tells me there is something wrong with a lot of machines, the app, or they are not providing enough customer service support staff. I am disapointed in their app's slowness and the inability to log on because their server is not responding. For a company of this size operating in a shrinking market, I would think that they would pay more attention to their customer service. They do not have an on-line customer service support, only lots of suggestions to solve issues, none of which is my issue. The machine is only one day old and I have told my wife we will be taking it back if we are not happier at the end of two weeks.

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1/2/2015 Cricut - A little over 2 weeks ago I purchased an Explore
A little over 2 weeks ago I purchased an Explore machine. I have not had any success with this machine and wanted to return it to Michaels Craft Store, where it was purchased, and they refused to accept a return on it! I am now stuck with a machine I paid almost $220.00 for that I hate! I was wondering if I could return it to you, as the manufacturer, in exchange for another new Expression machine, which I already do own and love. I would much rather have two Expressions than the Explore machine. I purchased the Explore thinking it would be a more fabulous version of the Expression, and when I realized it required internet...I cried! I hate my computer and being forced to have to use it to use this machine makes me so angry I don't even want to scrapbook anymore. I am at your mercy in this matter and I pray that you will help me rectify this problem. I had saved up the money for this machine...and I am so sad that I've lost such a huge amount of money for something that I thought I would love...and ended up hating! I would even be quite happy to do an even exchange on the machines, if that would enable this process to occur. I don't want this just makes me too upset and ruins my love for the craft altogether. Over the years, I have invested quite a bit of money in supplies and truly love making cards, decorations, etc. and I only want to keep doing what I love...and enjoy doing it-not be reduced to tears and frustration. Please, help me in this matter.

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