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12/20/2013 Crocs - I ordered a pair of Croc Rx. What I received was
I ordered a pair of Croc Rx. What I received was a pair of Ultimate Cld Nvy that do not fit. I need a mens sz 7. Is it the same price as the Rx style? I would like the Rx style as they have been recommended by my Doctor and that is what I paid for. Thank you.

KathyRead More
9/8/2011 Crocs - i have tried to go to the feedback site and could
i have tried to go to the feedback site and could not bring this site up.i went to the store in pigeon forge tn. on tues i purchased a pair of classics. i decided to go back on wed evening at 8 pm. iasked for a certain size. this was m5j5w7. this is the size i had bought o tuesday from a very nice person. i can not say these 2 men were even bothered to help me. i had tried at first to find myself. i asked for help. the one guy was counting his money.the other had stopped his vacuming, i said when i entered that was ok to finish. when i had trouble and could not find what i wanted , he stopped his vacuming. he said the shoe did not come in that size, i told him it did and that i had just gotten a pair o tues. he walked away and went to do something else. ileft the store.when he left i went back in and looked again on my own. i did find a pair of blue classics with this sizem5 j5 w7. i rate all the services at this store on wed. with all the worst rating the 2 assocites could recieve. very upset about the second visit.

theresaRead More
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