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CSAA AAA of Northern California , Nevada, and Utah
3055 Oak Road
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

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1-415-565-2141 Review Needed Please Comment


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10/26/2016 CSAA - Horrible customer service
Horrible customer service. I wanted to simply cancel a claim that I opened and it was simply impossiable to do so. No one at CSAA would return my phone calls until I seeked legal representation and was going to sue csaa. I have pulled my entire policy home life auto from CSAA and went to a competitor. Service after the sale is what is important. Any one can sale a insurance policy but when you need service after the fact this is where csaa failed me and my family.

Bob Read More
10/6/2015 CSAA - I need to remove a car and person from our policy
I need to remove a car and person from our existing policy through AAA Allied Club. What do I need to do or whom should I contact?

Patty Read More
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