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5/2/2016 CSX Railroad - communication maintance tech 043375 requires an
communication maintance tech 043375 requires an fcc license can you tell me what tests do I have to take to be quaify for this position.

3/7/2016 CSX Railroad - I lost my pass and I can not find a number
I lost my pass and I can not find a number to see what I need to do. ID# 136203 Richmond Va. Conductor retired.

Charles Read More
2/27/2016 CSX Railroad - Have a problem with the people driving the train
Have a problem with the people driving the train in statesville nc I know the train is getting on people nerves

Chris Read More
7/25/2015 CSX Railroad - It appears your signal-cable bundle has lost its
It appears your signal-cable bundle has lost its hangers from the support wire from the elevated tracks about 300-440 feet south of the Main Street Station in Richmond VA. The cables are about 5 feet above the sidewalk and the hangers are broken for about 100 feet of the span.
I used to work for the C&O in Richmond and designed signal systems - I know what I'm talking about. This is to let you know about a bad situation that needs looking after.

Victor Smith Read More
5/29/2014 CSX Railroad - CSX Rail Road: To Whom It May Concern: I'm going
CSX Rail Road: To Whom It May Concern: I'm going to contact my local Senator to see if I can have a new railroad crossing arms put in at Sheldon Ave., Lancaster, NY (this rail line I do believe is call the Broadway rail line by CSX) to make it a quiet zone rail line from Cheektowaga, NY all the way to this crossing. Complaints go un-notice by CSX Corporate Headquarters management regarding train operators excessive blowing of the train horn all day and all night. So this seems is my only alternative to get this problem resolved.

Maryellen Read More
4/19/2014 I would like to get the address of CSX Railroad
I would like to get the address of CSX Railroad to be able to
have their easement on my property removed. The railroad line
has been moved on each end of my property and Charleston County
wants us to get the easement removed before we can subdivide
the property.It is in the Meggett, SC area.

Vivan Y. Garvin Read More
3/10/2014 CSX Railroad - I have been sitting at a rail crossing next to
I have been sitting at a rail crossing next to your rail yard in Terre Haute. I realize 2 trains stopped so they could pass. The 1st started moving after 5 minutes. The other moved after 25 minutes. It did not. Clear the tracks. It left the last 2 uncleared for the last hour. This happens at this crossing a lot

Sara Read More
3/2/2014 CSX Railroad - I live in Lansdowne Maryland and I am very
I live in Lansdowne Maryland and I am very frustrated about the train that is on Hammonds ferry Rd . this train has been running since about 6pm Feb 28 all night and all day today March 1. The noise wakes my husband and I up all during the night. We have to turn the TV up very loud to hear it. please tell me what is the reason for this train to stay put and run the engine all day and all night. what can you do about this. the train stays parked on Hammonds Ferry Rd between First Ave and Clyde Ave. I live in First Ave about a half block from the train tracks. what an annoyance this is.
Please do something about this problem

Kathy Read More
3/20/2013 CSX Railroad - Railroad Occupations for Students: Information Needed
Hello My Name is Clyde W. LEE, I am the Project Manager for VLT Academy In Cincinnati, Ohio. We currently have 920 Students (K-12)that are At Risk in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati. We've had a STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Math)program at VLT for the last two years. We are exposeing our 8th, 9th,10th, 11th and some 12th, graders to different occupations. The Railroad was one of those. What we are requesting is as much direct Information that we can place are hands on. We are Interested in Interships,Summer Camps, Contact with someone from your Shipyard here in the Cincinnati area. I placed a call to your Human Resorce office 3/20/2013.I did not speak to a live person, left message. Here Is My Direct Information:652-. Email below, Thank you so much for my Syudents and Staff.

Clyde W. Lee Jr. Read More
1/27/2013 CSX Railroad - To whom it may concern: I live in Lagrange,
To whom it may concern: I live in Lagrange, Ga.,30240 about 200 yards from the railroad crossing. The crossing has gates that close and flashing lights to warn traffic of oncoming trains. Theirs only 6 houses in this small area and even less traffic in the night time hours. The crossroads are Harmony Church Road and Old School Road. Trains begin to sound horn and continue to sound the horn well after the crossing late at night and I'd like to ask the question of WHY? I work swing shifts at KIA MOTORS and it is very hard to get the appropriate amount of sleep when the trains seem to abuse their horns in this very remote area. I would like to ask you if possible to check into why this is necessary at this crossing. Thank you for listening to me on this subject and thanks for all you do for saftey on the tracks and off.

Gary Read More
2/23/2012 CSX Railroad - My name is Ann Stuck and I live in Prosperity SC.
My name is Ann Stuck and I live in Prosperity SC. I would like to recognize the two men who did everything in their power yesterday to save the life of my 11 year old son Sam. After getting off the school bus Sam was not paying attention when he started to cross the tracks at the end of our driveway. They saw him and realized he was not looking up or stopping. These men had the horn blowing, dust flying, and wheels squealing trying to stop that train. All the while knowing it was impossible but doing all they could anyway. The bus driver finally got Sam's attention and caused him to hesitate and turn as the train flew by. He was two steps away from being hit. Theses men took the time to come see me this morning. I knew who they were the minute I opened the door... My Heroes! They wanted to be sure I knew what happened and how incredibly close this situation came to being a tragedy. After some hugs and tears from me, simply saying thank you does not seem to be enough for all they did. There are still some people out there who care and I am happy to say I met two of them today...Mr. Lucas Pullen and Mr. Hal Cromer

Ann Read More
11/27/2011 CSX Railroad - 11/27/2011To Whom It May Concern:My name is Susan

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Susan Macuch and I live in LaGrange, KY. My question for you is that my husband and I purchased our home here 4 years ago and our entire driveway and flowerbeds are lined with used railroad ties. We have been cleaning up our yard and have come across all the old spikes and metal plates from these ties. We have found a place here locally that will accept these scraps but they will only do it with permission from CSX on their letterhead stating it is ok for us to do so. Would it be possible for some one to email me and tell me what your procedures are or what we need to do to make sure that it is ok with CSX to dispose of these. Your immediate response will be greatly appreciated and Thank you for your time.

Susan Read More
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