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1/10/2015 I am not a big consumer at Cumberland Farms.
I am not a big consumer at Cumberland Farms. Mostly, I buy milk or gas as a local customer. Today I was again impressed by the quality of service at your outlet in Turner's Falls, MA. The store has been at the front of convenience store service in our area. The site was clean, well stocked, and downright inviting! Not only is it the best quick service center in the area, it is the best Cumberland Farms Store that I have ever patronized.

J. VerdoneRead More
4/16/2014 Cumberland Farms - Bought maple glazed donuts contain No Maple!
Bought maple glazed donuts, just to find out that there is NO maple anywhere in the product. This seems to me that it is false advertising. Is this your business methods?

DaneRead More
2/27/2014 I will not buy anything from Cumberland Farms ever
I will not buy anything from Cumberland Farms ever again I took two trips on two different days to town to buy two Italian hot dogs they sell all cooked 2 for $2.00 They said both times they had them but they were not cooked and they could not sell them uncooked. Well why not keep at least two cooked for sale like the other kinds they do have ready to go. Only store in Livermore falls, Me all the other stores I go to always have them cooked or almost done but they are 20_30 miles away

ScopeRead More
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