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Davids Bridal is the largest and most successful bridal retailer in the country. David's Bridal is credited with revolutionizing the bridal retail store industry.

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9/8/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - ard time getting through to a live person at David's Bridal
I also had hard time getting through to a live person for an RMA. return code: then I found this. good luck.
David's Bridal
1001 Washington St
Conshohocken, PA 19428
Contact David's Bridal
Phone Number: (610) 943-5000
Fax Number: (610) 943-5048
Website: http://www.davidsbridal.com
Email: Email David's Bridal

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6/15/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - I can't believe how awful their system is. Why is
I can't believe how awful their system is. Why is it so hard to talk to a person???? I will never use them again. OMG

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5/19/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - David's Bridal is the worst bridal store. Loud,
David's Bridal is the worst bridal store. Loud, unorganized and frustrating. I had my bridesmaids use David's for their dresses. I was disappointed then and I am disappointed now as a bridesmaid. My Maid of Honor was made to be measured in a room with another bride to "save time". She also purchased a dress, but needed a few alternations. She was charged over $200. Finally, when all of my bridesmaids received their dresses, they looked like they had been balled up and thrown in a bag.

As a bridesmaid, I received a rude voicemail advising me that my dress has been sitting in their store for 48 days and they did not have room. I never received an e-mail or call telling me the dress was available. When I called back to tell the store I would be coming to get it today, they told me that they had no record of me even ordering or paying for the dress. I then received a call back saying it is hanging in their alterations room.

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5/12/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - To Larry Weinmann Hello my name
To Larry Weinmann

Hello my name is Jason Carrigan and my fiancée's name is Christine Burroughs. We purchased dresses at your store in Horseheads, NY,

one bride's dress and 3 bridesmaid dresses and 3 sashes. We had them all altered in the store. It cost around $1400.00, which might not be a lot of money to you, but to us it is. When Christine and all the bridesmaids went to pick up their dresses, only two of them were correct and the other two were really tight, so now they had to listen to your staff use excuses like: you have a different bra on, try it without a bra, is it that time of the month. They redid the measurements and they were different from the first time. So now they had to go back AGAIN. They went in on 5/8/15 for a second time to just have them still be wrong, still way too tight again and heard excuses like different bra, try it without a bra, is it your time of the month, maybe your boobs grew. Let me tell you she is 44 and her boobs don't grow and she is not going without a bra. Christine tried to talk to your assistant manager, Lacey and she said nothing in return, so I called and talked to Lacey and tried to get your phone number and all she did was blow me off. Lacey told me she would talk to Linda, your manager and have her call me and I never got a phone call. So I ask you is this the kind of employees you hire? I'm not happy with your staff or your store. So because the dresses were wrong again for the second time Christine and Erin had to make another appointment to get there dresses and try them on to see if they were right. I went into your store today, 5/11/15, with them to pick up their dresses and they were right. I spoke with Linda about what was going on and she gave me your email. I find it ridiculous that this company wants all the money up front before we even get our merchandise and then to have your staff screw up like they did. People have lives, we cant just stop what we are doing cause your staff cant get it right. At no time, did any staff member take any responsibility for the issues with the dresses they did not alter correctly the first time, nor the second time.
The email the manager gave me for the DM does not work so they are still blowing smoke up my but. I will never recommend this company to anyone and I'm thinking about going to the local paper and having this printed so everyone can read how bad this company really is.

I would appreciate you contacting me regarding this matter.

Jason Carrigan

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4/19/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - This is NOT a customer service number. It appears
This is NOT a customer service number. It appears you cannot call any C/S number. How can such a large company have NO ONE to answer questions. So horrible!

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3/20/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - David Bridal has given such conflicting

David Bridal has given such conflicting information from one store to another. My bridal party lives in different cities and I believed that David Bridal would be the best choice for my party, Boy was I wrong!! I asked all the RIGHT questions when choosing my bridesmaids dresses, but upon ordering, all policy had change (imagine that). I called customer service, I was on hold for 20-25 minutes while the rep went to speak with a manger, well that what he claimed he was doing, but I believe he thought I would just hang up. He return and I ask to speak to the same manger he put me on hold for and now the rep tells me theirs no manger available... REALLY !!! so why,who,and where did you go while I was on hold!! The rep became defensive. David Bridal customer services in a joke from the store to the phone center.

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3/9/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - Online services are HORRIBLE. Cannot figure out a
Online services are HORRIBLE. Cannot figure out a way to place my order. After I click "order review" it shows nothing to officially place the order and I do not want to enter my card number in again, because I do not want charged twice on this crappy website.

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3/7/2015 David's Bridal Inc. - Congratulations on another DISSATISFIED costumer!
Congratulations on another DISSATISFIED costumer! If I had read these reviews before ordering, I would have saved myself some heartache! I have been trying to contact someone for over a week!! The website is not letting me print off an RMA to return the dress. The dress, by the way has snags on the front of it!! Hello, I did not pay over $200.00 to buy a dress with flaws in it!! And where is the number for costumer service?? Be real folks, how can you hope to stay in business this way? ....except ignorant people like me who order and than look at the terrible reviews. I will have plenty of advice for my friends....Like.....don't ever buy from them!!!

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12/18/2014 David's Bridal Inc. - Is this company still in business? I ordered a
Is this company still in business? I ordered a dress online and the over $100 dollars was charged to my credit card. There is no communication between online and stores. There is no way to contact customer service. The web site listed on the dress receipt is invalid. When searching for David's Bridal the customer service page is nothing more than a store locator. I finally got a phone number for corporate headquarters and was connected with a voice mail loop. I called within the business hours they stated, yet not one department, including the operator answered. I have left several voice mails in the mailbox they direct the customer and have not received one call back in over a week. I have a dress to return and no way to do it. This is poor business and bordering on fraud. I want to be contacted or have a good email/phone number to solve my problem.

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11/1/2014 David's Bridal Inc. - What a joke! Not only were they pushy they also
What a joke! Not only were they pushy they also added every item to my bag that I tried on although I did not plan to purchase anything besides my dress! Everything is non refumdable!!!

Alteration lady was not easily understood and would not alter my dress enough to fit me correctly! Never gave me any option of things to do to my dress and charged me and arm and a leg. Most of the staff was not friendly! The experience was horrible I will not recommend to anybody getting married!

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7/27/2014 David's Bridal Inc. - The worst experience ever had they charge for
The worst experience ever had they charge for everything and terrible service again. I asked for a refund for my dress since I ain't going to be part of the weeding and they said no I can only exchange what the hell do I need from there when I ain't planning to get married.

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2/24/2014 David's Bridal Inc. - Hello. I have ordered my dress it's still not here
Hello. I have ordered my dress it's still not here yet. The store can't help me get it faster. Can u give me a customer service number. The one on the page only locates store.

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