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Days Inn has a hotel that will meet your needs, no matter what type of travel plans you have. Whether you are on business or vacation, Days Inn has a hotel room for you.

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8/18/2015 Days Inn Review August 2015
Upon arriving and circling the building 8 times, unable to find parking at the hotel I ended up parking in front of the lobby in the roadway to check in. the lady at front desk was very rude and ill with me. so I proceeded with my payment without complaint. With the adventure for a parking spot again which was a 15 min process. I lucked up finally a lady was leaving. Finally when we got in the room first noticed was the cigarette burns in the comforter, looking further on the sheets stains were very apparent and also a large yellow stain on the mattress. There was mold above the shower on the ceiling. The mold is very unhealthy can cause serious health issues. The bathroom door would not shut completely. After leaving to go out and eat then arriving back at the hotel there were once again no available parking spots another 15 min searching and having no spots available, we stopped and went into the front office and the clerk had me to park where I blocked other customers in. as I got parked an older man harassed us to see our parking permit. There were also bugs in the room this has been one of the worst experiences I have had with hotel stays. I was charged $127.oo for the 24hr stay in unacceptable conditions, My TOTAL ROOM RATE was $109.00 but charged $127.00. I have video feed and photographs to support my complaints along with a witness, also placed bugs in a zip-locked bag for inspection along with sample scraping of mold in another. I will be taking further action legally, as well as the better business burrow. Along with all the local news, If I don’t have a reply within 24hrs. Will provide video feed and photos if necessary to support my complaint at your request.

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