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DEAN & DELUCA offers the very best in service, quality and of course, selection. Epicurean treats for cooking, eating and entertaining abound even as they did in the original DEAN & DELUCA back in the '70s. DEAN & DELUCA has a team of International food experts who search for the best and newest food products from around the globe. They also have launched a new wine division and can recommend the best food and wine pairings for any event or for that special dinner at home.

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1/18/2011 Dean and Deluca - I ordered a cake for my husband's birthday. They
I ordered a cake for my husband's birthday. They say they only deliver Monday through Friday. I assumed they would leave the cake on the door stoop. Well, in fact, I found out that someone has to sign for their deliveries. Since my husband and I work, of course, the cake was never delivered and as far as I know is still bouncing around somewhere in the back of a UPS truck. It would have been easy for them to post this requirement on their web site or for the woman who took the order to have told me about this necessity, but then, of course, I would never have ordered the 100 dollar cake. So my husband never got a birthday cake and it took some long arguing before they agreed to refund the cost of the cake, though I had to eat the 25 dollar shipping cost. Be warned: unless you are a rich retiree who can both afford the cost of their products and don't have to work, I suggest skipping Dean and Delucca for home deliveries.

No Birthday Cake for HusbandRead More
4/12/2010 Dean and Deluca - Worst customer service, inquired about a delivery
Worst customer service, inquired about a delivery that was never received and got the run around for two weeks. Paid close to $200 for their over priced gourmet products and received customer service that gave me misinformation.

Never received any followup on complaint. Crappy company and crappy customer service.

Nora H.Read More
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