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3/10/2015 - I have spend a considerable amount of money at
I have spend a considerable amount of money at the Davenport,Iowa store over the years for myself and grand-daughter. I bought 2 tops on 03/03/2015 and wanted to return them and
exchange them for 2 other tops. I was approached as I was half way through the store and told the girl what I wanted to do.I was told rudely that there are "no exchanges",only exchange for another size.I did not want to do that;I wanted to exchange for 2 different tops. I understand the Debs here is closing,but I was going to get 2 other tops plus shop around some and possibly spend more money. Lost my business today! The store could have made some money. Very dis-appointed in this return policy just because the store is closing.I would think you would want to make money,not lose money by not letting me return the 2 tops and get 2 other ones plus maybe buy more clothes. Shame that this is your return policy.Another thing, this store employees are rude,always conversing with each other and not helpful at all.Stand around and when you ask them anything,they act dumb founded. Talk on the phone personal calls,too! Ignore you as you wait to check out.This has been withing the last few months. It was not like this last year.I feel I was wronged and should have been able to exchange the 2 tops for 2 different tops.The business would not lose any money, so what is the problem?

BrendaRead More
9/29/2014 - I just need someone to cancel my magazine
I just need someone to cancel my magazine subscription.

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8/25/2014 - I was in your Springfield Il store 00183 was very
I was in your Springfield Il store 00183 was very disappointed in your sale girl JT she was very rude and would not help are answered my question. she did not say Thank You are come b ack. She could not wait until we left. I would have left my granddaughter wanted the dress for her dance. I spend over 75.00 dollar.

JoannRead More
4/13/2014 - My daughter and I went to the Deb Shop in Heath
My daughter and I went to the Deb Shop in Heath Ohio at the Indian Mound Mall on 04/12/14. We were looking for her Prom dress. I have bought all of her Homecoming dresses at that store. When we went in, we picked out 3 different dresses and took them to the fitting room. The first one she started to put on, we found the the entire bottom of the dress at the zipper was completely torn, beyond fixable. The next one she put on had (key word) had snaps on the back, they were torn off. The last one she tried on, half the stones down the front were gone. We put the dresses back and left. I have never been so upset with the shape those dresses were in. I would never pay that much money for the junk that was in that store. I cannot believe the store would even allow such poor looking dresses on their racks and still want full price. Very disappointed and will never look for another dress in any of your stores.

LoriRead More
3/15/2014 customer service review 03.15.14
Hi, Not sure if a live pperson actually reads these but here goes. Your Wichita KS store lost a several hundred dollar sale due to one rude and lazy staff last week. Thurs, I was shopping with my daughter, and had asked a staff for assistance in locating two items sizes. We left for ten minutes (she knew this) and said she would have answers when we got back. She did not, and then pawned it off on another staff. That staff was checking us out, and we were still waiting for an answer from the other staff (she had above shoulder length brown hair, highlighted, and this was apporx. 4:30 pm). That staff continued to ignore us, and the chashier-she was too busy discussing with a long dark haired staff a pair of sparly silver shoes that had just come in and could not be bothered to help the customers. The cashier felt badly we could tell and our issue was not with her, she is one of your nicest staff. I spend several thousand in that store a year, and we left our pile and explained to the cashier WHY we were not purchasing that day. Normally, I would address this with the store manager first, but I beliieve this WAS a supervisor who acted in this very unprofessional manner. Not sure if we are coming back to this store if this is how customers are treated. If I could have left a minus rating for this experience I would have. If this does not get addressed, I will be sharing this with my circle of friends. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this staff and representation of your company!

KarinaRead More
1/14/2014 My review of Jan, 15 2014
I as a customer purchased a pair of jeans on the Jan. 04 2014 On Jan 13 2014 I came to return them because of the zipper being broken I walked around the store for a while trying to find these certain jeans I could not find them. So i approached a short girl on duty with blond hair kind of heavy set she tried to help me but could not find the jeans. I simply asked her could they be discounted then because I really liked the jeans she stated that she would have to check with the MOD. Well she came back along with the MOD and she states that I could not have a discount it would be an exchange only due to the tags not being on the item but I had the tags with me. I asked her would she exchange another pair of jeans that I did find that I would settle for the same price that I paid for the jeans I already had she said that was not an option. I asked her for somebody higher than her and she said that she would not help me. I really like shopping at this debs but having this experience I can no longer shop there the girl last night was just rude to me I mean did not help me in any shape form or fashion I mean I believe that I should have been satisfied especially when its the stores fault that I have to bring an item back this was just not fait at all I even had my receipt and everything that came along with purchasing the jeans I mean there was absolutely nothing that she could have done that I could have left the store happy but instead I left there boiling and frustrated please help me this is just not right at all this is not how a cutomer should leave any store .

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