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dELiA*s, Inc. is a direct marketing and retail company comprised of three lifestyle brands primarily targeting consumers between the ages of 12 and 19. Its brands - dELiA*s, Alloy and CCS - were formerly part of Alloy, Inc.'s Alloy Merchandising Group and are well-established, differentiated, lifestyle brands that generate revenue by selling apparel, accessories, footwear, room furnishings and action sports equipment predominantly to teenage consumers through direct mail catalogs, websites and, for dELiA*s, mall-based specialty retail stores.

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1-888-533-5427Review Needed Please Comment


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12/16/2013 dELiA*s Inc. - Reporting dELiA*s to the Better Business Bureau
This will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I ordered a gift card on Oct.1,2013 in the amount of $50.00. It was immediately debited from my checking account. However, I never received the gift card. We cancelled that one and reordered another one. Again I never received it. I have written a request to credit my checking account. It has not yet been taken care of. THIS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

9/26/2012 I have emailed them from the website dELiA*s Inc.
I have emailed them from the website dELiA*s Inc. and I have been waiting 1 month and the website says on back order. I want to speak to someone but dont how to as the confirmation email they sent me said do not reply to this email. I am really frustrated and worried that this is a big scam which soon I will report if I do not hear anything back!!!
I tried calling this number from Australia 1-888-533-5427 but was not successful so if anyone can help me by giving me a number I can call from Australia to Delias that would be greatly appreciated.

This is the message I received:

Thanks for shopping at dELiA*s! Your order E9362618 is being processed. You'll receive another email as soon as your order ships. FYI, you can always check your order status online.

If you have any questions give us a call at 1-888-533-5427
anytime between 8am and midnight EST, 7 days a week.
(oh, and please don't reply to this email.)

We hope you your new stuff! Thanks again, and come
back soon to check out what's new at dELiA*s!

Oops, we almost forgot: get special offers, contest 411, sale
scoop and the first peek at our newest collections when you
sign up for dELiA*s emails.

The following is a summary of your order E9362618
placed on 08/26/12.

Renita RandallRead More
3/27/2012 dELiA*s Inc. - It's been more than a month I received some of my
It's been more than a month I received some of my order but still waiting on my dress which I ordered online about a month and a half ago so what the hell? Like the last persons comment so fast to take my money but your customer service is horrible and so is your 800 number if I don't get some kind of a response or my order soon you will loose another customer and frankly I don't think you can afford that

Lieza Sy/ Jeremiah jonesRead More
11/1/2011 dELiA*s Inc. - Had a terrible time working your website. Placed
Had a terrible time working your website. Placed order on line and told it didn't go through and try again. I did so. Same thing, it didn't go through yet my account was charged. Waiting for charges to drop off and am hesitant to place my pending order. Getting conflicting info as to when those charges will disappear. I've been given two different time frames. The only one who was pleasant to deal with was Malana. She offered me free shipping and $25.00 off my next order. Not sure I will take her up on this as this has really annoyed me. A company so quick to take your money yet so slow in giving it back. Again, Malana was a great person to work with and she should be recognized.


Kathy Frye

K FryeRead More
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