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5/23/2017 Dentek used to make a product named "Dentek Floss
Dentek used to make a product named "Dentek Floss Picks Xtra Clean" that had tow floss strings with an X pattern. These were hands down the best floss picks available. So sad to see that they are no longer being made. Possibly Dentek could reconsider that decision and start manufacturing them again.

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4/26/2017 I bought a DenTek mouth guard at my dentist's
I bought a DenTek mouth guard at my dentist's suggestion. After about a week of using it, it fell out of my mouth in the night and I haven't seen it since. I called your customer service center gave the woman all my information--
numbers on the box, my address and so on and she said she was going to send me a coupon for another mouth guard. I haven't received it and I would appreciate it if you would mail it.My dentist thinks that grinding my teeth in the night is what is making my teeth loose

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