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Design Within Reach is the source for fully licensed classics. Our business started when our founder tried to furnish his apartment with the mid-century classics he'd come to appreciate while living in London. What he discovered was that acquiring the clean, simple work of designers like Saarinen, Eames and Bertoia was neither clean nor simple. There had to be a better way, so in 1999 we bought 20 containers of product, mailed out a catalog and waited for the phone to ring. (It didn't for 24 hours, until we realized the nighttime answering machine had been accidentally left on.) The rest, as they say, is history. By giving customers access to these items, and by having them in stock and ready to ship, we made design within reach.

What we mean by a "fully licensed classic" is that it's manufactured by the company holding the license to the original design. It's true that in the beginning, our product mix included unauthorized reproductions. It took years to build the necessary relationships, but in 2006 we completed our mission to be the source for authorized classics from license holders Herman Miller, Knoll, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Stua, Vitra, Kartell, Emeco, Artek, Objekto, Flos and Cherner Chair Company.

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1/10/2011 Design Within Reach Inc. - Dear Design Within Reach Customer,As a current
Dear Design Within Reach Customer,

As a current employee at Design Within Reach, I would like to shed some much needed light on routine customer service practices that, over the last year, have caused me a great deal of alarm, concern, and outright sympathy for anyone who has been a victim of DWR's sub-par treatment.

Unless you are planning on making a purchase of over $10,000, representatives of Design Within Reach, both at the studios and over the phone, will more than likely regard your sale as insignificant. In fact while training new-hires, it is routine practice for Studio Proprietors to teach new employees that any sale under $10k as insignificant. In fact, the truth is that as new Account Executives are trained in dollar amounts. It is common practice for the Studio Proprietor to directly correlate the amount of the sale at hand to the level of quality in terms of customer service and customer follow up.

The secondmost disheartening common practice running rampant at Design Within Reach is that Account Executives are continuously and unconditionally instructed to be "conveniently" inaccurate while quoting lead times of product to customers. It is required that all employees intentionally underestimate lead times in order to generate sales. As soon as an item is "in distrobution" or "in allocation", they have a right to charge that customer's credit card accordingly. When that happens, if the customer (who has almost always been misinformed of the proper lead time) wants to cancel their order, they will be intentionally not allowed to do so. The only option they have left is often times refusal of delivery, so that the customer, not Design Within Reach, will be forced to pay for the return shipping. All DWR representatives receive commission off of the shipping costs, so it is in their benefit to overcharge customers for upgraded or unecessary return shipping. Again, this practice is also taught to new-hires routinely. Please beware of the intentional misquoting of lead times associated with any item, as well as additional and unnecessary shipping and handling costs. In fact, unless you are spending over $10,000, your merchandise will probably not be delivered in a timely fashion.

Time and time again I have raised these concerns to no avail. I sincerely hope that all who have had a negative experience with this ironically named company will speak out and have their voices heard. I believe that consumer justice will only be acheived by bringing these terrible practices to light. If you've had negative customer service experiences with DWR please share your stories so that the next poor soul will not endure the same treatment that you were forced to. Although I am a constant voice for change on the inside of Design Within Reach, I need your help on the outside to serve as a catalyst. Please let your voices be heard!

Thank you,

Anoynymous DWR Employee

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