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DEWALT Power Tools line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including: drills and hammer drills; screwdrivers; circular, chop, miter, table, reciprocating, and jig saws; planers; impact wrenches; die, angle, and bench grinders; shears; nibblers; sanders; laminate trimmers; routers, and plate joiners.

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11/8/2016 DeWalt - Batteries are junk, no customer service.PEOPLE,
Batteries are junk, no customer service.

judyRead More
10/6/2016 DeWalt - Pathetic. Just took delivery of a 16" 40v 6.0
Pathetic. Just took delivery of a 16" 40v 6.0 chainsaw and want to buy extra chains. Cannot even get hold of the company customer service to spend more of my money. I have spent an hour trying to find a way of contacting them and no luck. All attempts ended with we are closed. Contact a local repair center. Great huh. $600 and I cannot get parts. I own more than 15 Dewalt tools and will never buy one again.

tomRead More
6/23/2016 DeWalt - Tried 2 find a simple replacement part 4 palm
Tried 2 find a simple replacement part 4 palm sander [D26441K]
American site wont accept Canadian address
No site in Canada 2 order from.

DaveRead More
10/20/2015 Portable DeWalt air compressor stopped working
Purchased a portable DeWalt air compressor over a year ago and have used it a handful of times. Stopped working, called customer service and they shipped a replacement part at my expense. Part didn't fix problem. Called back to customer service and they said they cannot send a different replacement part. All they could do is tell me the name of a local tool repair shop. Poor service and poor product. I will never buy another DeWalt product again.

disgruntled dewalt ownerRead More
9/1/2015 Purchased a DeWalt DXPW3835 pressure washer
purchased a DeWalt DXPW3835 pressure washer from Home Depot in late June 2015 and used it for only 5hrs and it broke..I bought it because DeWalt use to be a quality tool but have lost that idea... I toke it to an authorized repair shop for DeWalt and its been waiting for an unloader a part of the pump that the manufacturer does not have any to ship to repair my pressure washer it's been in the repair shop for over 30 days called customer service about the unable to repair they referred me to a parts supplier out of country.. The next step is to ask Home Depot for their help or my money back.. The next tool I purchase will not be DeWalt.

BobRead More
8/28/2015 I have a Dewalt electric reciprocating saw - Nice Job!
I have a Dewalt electric reciprocating saw, and I was doing some work in my cellar some time ago and left it on the floor. the other day I had a water pipe brake and 8" of water on the floor, my saw was under water for who knows how long, the water leak was realized when I had no water pressure for a shower after work. I picked it up and let dry out and plugged it in and it works just like the 1rst day I have had it.
Nice job on making tools that last through just about anything

Phil from N.C.Read More
6/1/2015 i recently had to send my dewalt 20 impact driver
i recently had to send my dewalt 20 impact driver to the pembroke service dealer, a friend dropped it off for me and was told the item had to be sent elsewhere to be repaired.the turn around time was 2 weeks.he was also told the max repair cost was to be no more than $ 70.00. i also sent my dewalt drywall screw gun in to have a replacement bit holder the end of the 2 week period the equipment was picked up,an $88 fee was presented for both the drywall gun and impact together ,no issue. i went to use the impact and nothing had changed . the same problem existed and i could not use it.when looking at the impact itself there was no evidence that anything at all was disturbed with the body screws or anything else.the gun went back up to the repair shop again dropped off by my buddy again,ive just received it back and am about to try it .it works know but am very disappointed with the more thing,i tryed to talk to a rep in dewalt and both phone numbers put me in touch with stanley black and decker ????

edRead More
12/19/2014 DeWalt - I received a 20 volt driver drill combination for
I received a 20 volt driver drill combination for my anniversary and less than a year the charger was malfunctioning, they sent me a new one but at 8 months the battery was completely dead, and cant get it serviced due to Lithium ion guidelines and regulations. Makita or Milwuakee should have been the choice as I was on a job with several other contractors and mine was the only one to not survive the task.

kenRead More
7/8/2014 I m general handyman I try buy dewalt wall scanner
I m general handyman I try buy dewalt wall scanner but I got confusion this tool work? I call dewalt store they don't recall the tool (dewalt x ray/dewalt dct41851)please help me

guy giarrusso Read More
5/8/2014 DeWalt - Own a concrete restoration company in denver
Own a concrete restoration company in denver colorado. Brought several tools in for repair. Time in store took quite awhile, needed to use the restroom,they said sorry our ins. does not allow people out back. I left found other place to do work!! Now buying milwaukee, makita etc. Because I'm pissed, looking for good customer satisfaction! shop at 700 w. mississippi ave. denver. co. 80223.Avoid it!

RonRead More
2/10/2014 DeWalt's bad reviews on the internet - Low quality
Based on recent reviews over the net ... it seems Black n Deckers high end brand (DeWalt) is now not even as good as the old black and decker from 1980 prior. Most of the makes are like this. The only way quality will improve is to not encourage it. I'm not going to wait until China learns the same quality standards as Taiwan or Japan. So DeWalt and many other brands out there go cheaper and cheaper until the public are ranting mad then you change... I only own one Dewalt power tool, its an older 1/2 corded drill (not made in China) works great but based on what I've heard and read I would not buy any of your garbage except used older stuff. Shame on you, the founder of Black n Decker would have your heads if he knew what kind of game you're playing. Keep your toys because that's all they are in this game you play. I purchased almost all my good power tools second-hand of various brands (They run like tanks) and I hope Porter Cable, DeWalt and [email protected] have to pack it in due to low sales.

Old School BoyRead More
2/2/2014 Delighted with my Dewalt Drill
Hi..At 82 years of age I am disappointed that it has taken me this long to discover DeWalt tools. I am a retired Air Traffic Controller who has been making cedar strip canoes and punts for some years now - as a hobby. Throughout the whole canoe construction process one uses a drill a lot and in tight spaces. I have been using much larger drills that are heavy and awkward. I noticed your DCD710S2 (12vMAX) drill kit on display at the Home Depot store in Belleville Ontario, bought one, and wish to report that I am absolutely delighted with it. I suspect you receive compliments on a regular basis and I simply want to add mine to the list. This is the first time I have taken the time to compliment a tool manufacturer on their product - this alone illustrates the depth of my appreciation of the tool. Interesting that I have never had to reach for one of the larger drills (I have three) since the start of my current project. This one has done everything asked of it. From now on I will look at DEWALT product before looking at your competition. Many thanks. The next time I go to Home Depot I will seek out the sales rep that recommended your product and thank him as well. Fred Hornsby
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