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1/13/2016 Dick's Sporting Goods - My son spent over 50 dollars on a bucket of
My son spent over 50 dollars on a bucket of baseballs only to get them home and find that there were only 19 balls in the bucket when there is suppose to be 24. I'm not a fan of dicks and this jus drove the nail deeper in the coffin. If it happened to us you know its happened to others and they probably don't even know it! SHAME ON YOU DICKS SPORTING GOODD FOR RIPPING OFF A KID!!

sharyn Read More
1/15/2014 Dick's Sporting Goods - Bought a set of golf irons at Dick's but no credit for my old clubs
I recently bought a set of golf irons at Dick's store located at Columbiana Station, Irmo South Carolina. At the time of sale I was told I could return with my old clubs for a credit. When I returned the clerk in the golf shop said my clubs were not on his list and I should take them to Play again Sports, if they wouldn't take them I could bring them back to Dick's and he would figure something out to help me. Well Play Again Sports didn't want them so I went back and the same clerk had disappeared. The new clerk contacted him over the store pa system and he said he couldn't help me. I guess he was hiding from me, I don't know why because I was not angry or rude. So I brought my new clubs back and tried to turn them in for a refund. No can do, they didn't want them back because I used them once. To me they looked in new condition but they disagreed with me. At this point I knew it was futile to keep trying so I now have two sets of golf clubs. The original clerk said he would like to help me and what did I want. I sensed he was not sincere so told him I wanted nothing from him. I will not shop at Dick's anymore because of this incident. I have always adhered to the adage "Say what you do" and "Do what you say" the clerk at Dicks did not do this.

William Read More
12/30/2013 Dick's Sporting Goods Terrible Customer Service!
Terrible Customer Service!!
I had received a jacket for Christmas, which he purchased on Christmas Eve for $99. It didn't fit & I wanted to exchange it for the correct size. Because I had no receipt, they deducted 30% of the selling price. All I wanted to do was exchange for correct size but was told there could be no "even" exchange. The jacket was still selling for $99. What a rip off. If they charge every customer 30% for an exchange or return without a receipt they are making millions!!! I will not shop in their stores in the future and will tell as many people as possible of my experience.

Jan Read More
12/26/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Reaction to Gun
Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Reaction to Gun Decision

As someone that has spent literally tens of thousands of dollars at various Dick’s Sporting Goods locations, specifically in the firearm/hunting departments, I was deeply disturbed by your corporation’s recent reaction to the tragedy in Sandy Hook. Your company presents itself as an advocate for sportsmen and the second amendment yet you were among the first businesses to remove the semi-automatic sporting rifles from your shelves. I have no other cause but to believe that this was based on the ignorant, knee-jerk reactions of an aggrieved mass that called for an irrational and ineffective solution, much like a child screaming for their blanket to protect them from the Boogey Man.
In doing this, you have undermined the rights of not only American sportsmen, but EVERY American, as the constitution does not pertain only to the exclusive rights of the precious elite, but those of every citizen. Your actions have given false weight to the words of those that would have us stripped of our ability to effectively challenge a deeply tyrannical or invading regime, as per the second amendment and the writings of our founding fathers. This has been a clear and concise exhibition of your company’s true stance on the matter and how you will renege on your word and support at the slightest bump in the road.
As a hunter I fire maybe 100 rounds per year. That’s about five boxes of ammunition. As a competition and recreational shooter (shooting AR and other tactical style rifles that you no longer sell), I fire 3,000 rounds a year easily. While you may retain you cliental that purchase a hand-full of boxes of ammunition annually, you have lost the loyalty of the crowd that buys it by the case.
If you believe these to be the impotent words of a single, disgruntled (former) customer, I suggest that you do a quick Google search of your company. You have betrayed a group of people that are not very flexible when it comes to their rights and those that would falsify their support of said rights. I say these things as someone that has served in law enforcement, the military and as an avid supporter of sportsmen’s rights.

Sportsman Read More
12/26/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - Dicks I agree with your gun decision - Sarcasm!
Dicks I agree with your gun decision - Sarcasm!

I agree! Now to ban cars that go over 55 MPH because no one really NEEDS those dangerouse things! And when are you going to take baseball bats from your shelves?! Per FBI statistics, you are 18 times more likely to be killed with one of those than an "assault" rifle! As a matter of fact, more children are killed each year in sports accidents than have ever been killed with civilian model tactical rifles, so when are you going to shut all of your stores down?!

Right ON Read More
12/21/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - Long ago when all business was done on main
Long ago when all business was done on main street, we tried to deal with conscientious, caring merchants. My family and friends still try to do the same. Thank you for your actions following the atrocities in Newtown, Conn.

Glenn Read More
12/20/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - How come you call for security every time I shop
How come you call for security every time I shop in the NFL section. Really? I'm 47 and I do not need to steal anything and I wouldn't consider it.

Really Read More
12/20/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - Thank you for removing specific guns from Dicks
Thank you for removing specific guns from Dicks Sporting Goods:
As a parent and grandparent, I would like to congradulate you on your decision to remove specific guns from your inventory. On behalf of those who know you did the right thing, Thank you.

Darlene Wynn

Darlene Read More
11/23/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods Review 11.27.12 very bad experience
I spent over 2 a half hours in line to purchase items on black Friday. The store was dirty people were walking on the clothes. What made the situation bad was that the line wasn't moving at all. We timed people at the check out at 20 minutes. The didn't open all of the registers and the registers that were opened worked slowly. The girl that finally checked me out left her register and just walked off twice in 20 minutes. Myself I would have left except to i promised my nephew

lynne Read More
8/26/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - I was Shoping at Dicks on 08/26 at your buckhead
I was Shoping at Dicks on 08/26 at your buckhead location in Atlanta GA. I had a really bad exprience with pricing and customer service. Very disappointing and will avoid Shoping at Dick's in future.

Sangeeta Read More
4/10/2012 Dick's Sporting Goods - i am a member of thje dicks rewards club.
i am a member of thje dicks rewards club. Recently I received a mailing offering 4 maxi fli golf balls free of charge. The promotion ran thru 4/28. I went to pick some up today and was told by management that the supply was gone and that they ran out thefirst day that it was offered.In the past Ihave done alot of business with dicks but after todays conversation with you manager I no longer will be doing so. Edwin Watts is just down the road and I'm sure will stand by their promotions.

bill Read More
12/26/2011 Dick's Sporting Goods - Has anyone else, noticed that they play - Security
Has anyone else, noticed that they play - Security Scan Section C or ? over the loudspeaker? I'm a 45 year old male and I would never steal, but this place make everyone feel like a thief.

E Read More
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