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Digix USA Warranty Service Center
Address: 14270 Albers Way
Chino, CA 91710
Skype Chat: digix_tech_support
http://www.digixmedia.com or http://contelusa.net
Email:[email protected]

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-866-770-3688 Review and Hint Needed


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8/28/2015 Digix Tablets - Digix customer service number disconnected!
I purchased a digix 1030. customer service number disconnected. the tablet will not hold a charge. just bought it.

robin Read More
7/27/2015 Digix Tablets - I was playing a game on my tablet and it just
I was playing a game on my tablet and it just blank ñow it wont come back on it will not go past android when i ,charge it, i tried to reset it and nothing.

Carlos Read More
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