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Direct Buy opened their first Club in 1971, Direct Buy has become the leading home improvement and furnishings club in North America -- with over 160 Clubs in the U.S. and Canada. Today Direct Buy Club is over 400,000 members strong. We work with top home furnishings and improvement manufacturers to bring you their products at the direct insider price. We take pride in working with the most trusted brands, giving our members access to quality products at tremendous savings.

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2/24/2016 Direct Buy Contact - Can't get quality assistance!!! Too far from the southwest side of Houston
Can't get quality assistance!!! Too far from the southwest side of Houston Texas. ONLY ONE LOCATION!!!! MONTHS NO CONTACT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING OR INFORMATION FROM THE COMPANY!!!

TONYA Read More
6/29/2015 Direct Buy Contact - Direct Buy is a scam to get your money
direct buy is a scam to get your money an promise good buys then close the store= calling them for a month now an have been lied to constantly, stating they will call back they even lie to their employees saying they contacted me an haven't to date.

regina Read More
1/8/2015 Direct Buy Contact - I recently had a similar situation with Direct
I recently had a similar situation with Direct Buy. I think because the sales associates are so desperate they promise and say things that they can't deliver. Although my situation is a bit different from some of the others mentioned, it seems a lot of complaints are based on them saying you'll get something "Free" when you eventually have to pay for it. I recently spoke to a director of program management and hopefully something is done to remedy the mistreatment and lies. Based on the comments I've been reading on line, I think Direct Buy might be looking at a class-action lawsuit soon.

pat g Read More
6/26/2013 Direct Buy Contact - Went to visit a Direct Buy in Lancaster ,Pa. We
Went to visit a Direct Buy in Lancaster ,Pa. We were promised an ipad for going even with out purchase. Of course they did not have one and promised to mail it. Of course it never appeared. Then I get a call from the rep who sent us there wondering why we did not show up for our appointment. I told we had been there and gone through the whole presentation . what a scam this is. I am going to report this to the better business bureau.

Deborah Read More
6/11/2013 Direct Buy Contact - I do not believe in assuming that a company is a
I do not believe in assuming that a company is a scam unless the products or services promised are not upheld , but my parent recent experience with this company has been an infuriating one. My parents were told they would receive a free tablet for attending one of their events, and that no purchase would be required. whether or not they would ave received the cheap little thing without purchasing a membership I do not know, because my parents came home with $4900 on their credit card, a price they claimed was a huge discount. After speaking with her nephew whom she remembered had also joined the company with his wife, my mother convinced my dad to cancel their membership. Apparently my cousin had told my mom that the hassle, time consumed, actual so-called savings on their purchases was no where near worth their membership. She was also told that the grand majority of items that they tried to find at Direct Buy for their home, yard, etc, Direct Buy did not have, and any items that they did find were not far from prices elsewhere.

My parents also had several bad experiences with rude people trying to convince my mother to stay. After having been very polite in trying to get her to stay and my mother had not budged, they became very rude and sent her off to the front desk. Her cancellation was two days after they joined which they also sent an email that very weekend, the day after, so that there would be no wiggle room to keep them from receiving their refund. It has been several weeks since my mother had first spoken with the local Direct Buy requesting her check for the second time, and now no one has been able to tell her why it has not arrived in the 5-10 business days they claimed as they claimed it is business of their membership department, whom we called and they had no paperwork or information on my parents whatsoever.

They are very upset and my mother is now attempting to contact the Direct Buy headquarters in attempts to receive her check soon and avoid paying interest on the credit card she payed the membership with, basing herself on the "easy" refund process that was promised if they wanted to cancel. They would definitely not recommend this company to anyone for even mediocre customer service, products, time worth, money savings, or convenience. The staff at Direct Buy is very persuasive and make their company seem like a no-brainer, unfortunately it is too good to be true. Sorry to all those who joined the company, and those who did not even have to do so to receive such aggravating treatment from those of Direct Buy.

Crys Read More
5/30/2013 Direct Buy Contact - My brother has been a member since 2004 and a year
My brother has been a member since 2004 and a year or two ago he put my name on the membership, replacing my Mom. I had never been to Direct Buy and recently I realized there was a local showroom and I went to see if they had a bathroom vanity. After "checking in" with the receptionist, I was left in the vestibule area for 10 minutes while my membership card was scrutinized...I had told the receptionist that I was not living in the same place where the membership originated. The "Director of Membership" came out of the back room, escorted me to a table in the showroom and said she had some bad news for me. My membership was not valid. She then said that my brother must have lied to get me a card because I was not a spouse (maybe they thought my Mom was a spouse when she was on the account??) and they would not have given a card to a sibling. You've GOT to be kidding! Needless to say, I walked out. And my brother is canceling his 9 year old membership, which he didn't use much anyway. Strange way to do business...

Amanda Read More
10/13/2012 Direct Buy Contact - i am considering going to this event near our
i am considering going to this event near our home? is it like a resort pressure type sales tactic? if so...i will not be attending.

jack Read More
10/11/2012 Direct Buy Contact - I recieved an unsolicited invitation to visit our
I recieved an unsolicited invitation to visit our local direct buy store. I called and recieved decent customer serivice from the rep on the phone. The gave us the date and time of our reservation. When we arrived, it was a little unsettling. There were approximated 8 other couples all waiting the lobby. Eventially a young, blonde, charismatic man come and invited all to follow him. He gave us a tour of the store and then led us into a room were he repeatedly asked us to play "the price is right." How much do you think you would pay for a 96 in. HD samsung TV? How much would you expect to pay for a bosch dishwasher? yadda yadda yadda. When the price he quoted for direct buy members everyone oohed and aahed. Right up to the point he tried to mathmaticly convince us that 5000$ to join would be a steal.. YEAH RIGHT. Now we have been promised 100$ food gift cards and a FREE computer tablet. So after FINALLY making a scene and announcing that we were no longer going to be held captive listening to a sales pitch that was obviously a scam we wanted our FREE gifts. We were given a coupon for the 100$ in food that was only situations like..spend 50$ get 25$ off. SO MUCH FOR FREE, and the tablet?? that was a joke. It was a piece of paper with step by step instructions to complete.. and send a 4.95$ money order in a SASE..we did this,, next we recieved another piece of paper with a comfirmation code,if you wanted the FREE tablet you had to send a money order for 24.95$ (shipping and handling). That was JULY.. now I still don't have any thing to show for almost 3 hours of harrassment. THIS PLACE SUCKS and the worst is there is no contact information on any of the paperwork we were required to send. SO NOT ONLY DID WE NOT RECIEVE OUR FREE "GIFTS" ...IT COST US MONEY. THESE GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND AS A CONSUMER WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY TO GET ANY RESOLUTION.

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8/29/2012 Direct Buy Contact - I too am beside myself and having a good laugh. I
I too am beside myself and having a good laugh. I was called by one of Direct buys many telemarketers and was offered a free informational package and visitor pass. I decided to hear him out and agreed that they could send me a package in the mail and I would review it. The sales rep quickly pulled back the offer after I said I was not married. I guess it does not matter that I own my house and make well over six figures.... too funny. Way to lose a potential customer!!!!

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8/26/2012 Direct Buy Contact - I have been receiving unsolicited calls from
I have been receiving unsolicited calls from Direct Buy, 2 - 3 per week, for the last several months. I repeatedly request that my name and phone number be removed from their calling list to no avail! All the callers are ladies with oriental accents and when I request no more call they persist and get very argent! I have been unable to find a corporate phone number so I could call them to hopefully get this nuisance STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

techie58 Read More
8/16/2012 Direct Buy Contact - I received a post card in the mail telling me that
I received a post card in the mail telling me that I could spend 3 days and 2 nights in any Marriot Hotel and also receive $100.00 in dinner credit if I attended a presentation at Direct Buy in Elmsford, NY... when I call to claim this gift I was told that the ages were from husband and I are 68 and 70 I was horrified to find out we were to old to attend this presentation....this is age discrimination.....we are both very young and healthy...I think this was very shabby treatment....and DISCRIMINATION OF THE FIRST what do you have to say about that...

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8/10/2012 Direct Buy Contact - Direct buy is a scam people!!!
Direct buy is a scam people!!!

Direct buy sucks ass Read More
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