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4/18/2017 Discover Magazine - If this is your idea of Customer Service, then you
If this is your idea of Customer Service, then you are seriously lacking in Customer Service. First, the lady who answered was very flat and completely un-animated. Obviously she does not want to be in the job she is doing. Second, she mumbled her name so I could not understand it. Third, she absolutely would not listen to what I was trying to tell her. Fourth, it was more like talking to a collection agency rather than Customer Service. Fifth, I am trying to tell her that I already paid it, because I honestly thought I had. Just some basic Guest Relations would go along way to your keeping your customers. Unless, of course, you do not want to keep customers. Sixth, there is someone calling your customers telling them we can extend for three years by telling them to extend. It is a major scam. Hence, that is why I thought I had paid. They got me for three hundred dollars! ($300.00) I am supposed to know by osmosis that is not your policy? I do now, and am $300 poorer. Yes, I am upset, go back and see how long I have been a subscriber. I was taking the magazine since BEFORE Disney bought it before it went belly up.

Dick Read More
8/3/2015 Discover Magazine - Why am I getting renewal notices when I have
Why am I getting renewal notices when I have already sent the check and it has been cached? Now you are threatening to cut off my gift subscription and do not even include a phone number for me to call!!!

Barbara Plattis Read More
2/15/2015 Discover Magazine - I tried to subscribe but keep getting switched to
I tried to subscribe but keep getting switched to an website. For ads and advertising. They will never ever receive any kind of money from me

Robert Read More
2/15/2015 Discover Magazine - I too am from Branford Connecticut, and have been
I too am from Branford Connecticut, and have been trying to order a subscription to the magazine. No matter what I do it brings me to an ad page. Nothing works on the site. I will not be getting thisthis magazine at any time. I also am using a fake shell email address so everything will go in the trash.

Robert Read More
12/31/2014 Discover Magazine - Hope you get this. I recently ordered DISCOVER
Hope you get this. I recently ordered DISCOVER through an 8th grade magazine sale here in Northwoods Wisconsin.
I am so impressed that I wanted to let you know that your Magazine is at the top of my list. I subscribe to TIME and National Geographic (adult and kids) and find your magazine is unique compared even to them..
Your magazine goes out of the box.
Thank you.

Constance Read More
5/30/2014 Discover Magazine - I once subscribed to Discover and they immediately
I once subscribed to Discover and they immediately started dunning me to renew. I never renew when I am harassed no matter how much I like the magazine. So I DID NOT renew. I haven't received a magazine in over a year and today they called trying to collect for a four year extension. I told them I didn't extend and I didn;t get any magazines; to cancel and close the account Josh said he couldn't do that. When aI asked to speak to a supervisor he said he was the supervisor. He was rude and abusive, trying to force me to pay for something I didn't order, don't want and didn't get. Oh Discover - you disappoint me.

shi Read More
4/27/2014 How do I change my address with Discover Magazine?

THANK YOU ( She really enjoys your magazine.)
I am her grandmother, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Read More
4/22/2014 Discover Magazine subscription is past due -help
I have a subscription which was past due I was out of the state for several months however i have since paid my fee and asked that you resume mailing them plus any that were put on hold due to late payments I have not received any mags nor response to my request. Please help. Elijah. Thank you for your consideration.

Elijah chambers Read More
2/27/2014 Discover Magazine horrible experience with customer service
I was a Discover subscriber for many years. When my son went to college we stopped the membership. For the last several weeks customer service representative keep calling to discuss the subscription. I explained that we no longer receive the magazine and have not for several years. Last week a women called and promptly hung up after my explanation. Yesterday a man called and wanted to talk to my son about paying the subscription bill. I explained again that we have not subscribed for several years. He insisted on speaking to my son. I told him he was away at school and explained again that my son has not received any magazines. He then told me to go back to the country I came from! I told him I was born in this country. Discover- I suggest you listen to the conversations that your employees are having with your customers existing or otherwise. Although I miss reading your magazine. I will always remain a previous customer as I WILL NEVER subscribe to Discover ever again. I am sorry that this country that I was born in have ignorant people like him. Obviously he doesn't know his American history. For him to be so hostile towards someone he thinks is a foreigner, is ironic. Unless he is a Native American if I were him I would keep my mouth shut.

Unhappy Read More
2/20/2014 I cancelled my subscription to Discover magazine
I cancelled my subscription to Discover magazine today. I had renewed my subscription and included payment for one year. I received two calls ( 14 digit phone numbers beginning with V) looking for payment and trying to get my credit card number. I recorded the phone numbers to report this to Discover magazine's Customer Service Dept. I was told that at one time a few years ago, I ordered from a third party source and they have my phone number. Discover did not appear concerned that this was happening to many people, using their magazine's name. I subscribe to other magazines and have never received calls like this. I believe this is a scam and the magazine should be concerned. After reading previous comments, I am not alone with the rude calls. Subscription cancelled.


Deb Read More
1/16/2014 I do not know how Discover Magazine stays in business!
I do not know how you stay in business.I have four subscriptions to this magazine because of the content but it is a constant struggle to get the issues i have paid for. I sent the money in for a new gift subscription in Oct. 2012 and they still havent received the first issue.your call center told me it would take 2 to 3 weeks to correct the problem and send the magazine. Where is it coming from ? The moon ? I can get delivery from california for parts for my company in 3 days.And I would certainly send any customer of mine a missing shipment overnight if it was possible to reduce the bad feelings this kind of incompetence produces.

Robert Read More
12/15/2013 Paid for 2 years but Discover Magazine billed me again
Paid 72.00 for a 5 year subscription to your mag.Had to call when mag stop coming last year. Now i'm told that i have to renew it in January to keep getting it . I have been receiving your mag. discover for many years but i feel that i have been screwed. and if i don't still get it for what i paid for i will never get it again.

neil Read More
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