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1/13/2016 Disney Cruise Line - Why does DCL only offers discounts to the RETIRED
Why does DCL only offers discounts to the RETIRED military AND if you are a residence of Florida? If neither applies to you, you cannot receive a discount. Even if you are a senior citizen, DCL does not offer discounts. DCL is the "most" expensive cruise line and yet they don't really try and offer discounts other than the 2 mentioned above. It truly sounds like DCL is hand-picking their cruisers.

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5/7/2014 Disney Cruise Line - I recently cruised on the "Dream", it was marvelous
I recently cruised on the "Dream", it was marvelous. My grandson loved it. I purchased a Disney Cruise Cooler (Round, Red and Blue). When I arrived home to use it there is a large hole in the side where the plastic insulated did not get sewn right. If I put ice in it, it will leak to the bottom. How can I get a replacement? I bought it at a bar on the "Dream". Please reply. We sailed for 4 nights and 3 days. We left on the 13th of April and returned on the 16th.

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11/20/2012 Disney Cruise Line - Disney' s glowing reputation is compromised
When making a reservation beware of undisclosed fees. Our extended family was scheduled to cruise on the Disney Wonder in February 2013. One person reserved 8 rooms. My reservation had 4 people in 1 room with an ocean view. Because I am clostrophobic, I called to change my room to one with a balcony. There wasn't a room for 4 available with a balcony. However there was a was a room for 2. I asked the difference in rates & was quoted $200. They split the reservation leaving 2 people in the original room and 2 people in a room with a balcony. I paid the additional $200 balance for the change believing the total was paid In full. I later received an email that I owed an additional $253. I was told that "Disney doesn't inform guests that the cost per person increases as well. Only a travel agent will disclose that information because it should be common knowledge." Customer service felt gge solution was place all of us back in the original room. I would be paying over $1000 to sleep on deck . My concern is what other fees does Disney choose not to disclose. As a result this family reunion will now be incomplete, missing an entire family of 5. 3 generations will be missing as my daughters family will have cancel . There separate reservation was for 3 & we were traveling together by land to the ship. Disney would prefer to ruin a family reunion and loose over $5000 than remedy the situation. Disney must assume they no longer have to earn their reputation & their guests should prepare to assume undisclosed fees.

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6/20/2012 Disney Cruise Line - I returned from a Disney Cruise almost 1 month ago
I returned from a Disney Cruise almost 1 month ago (in 5 days). It was fabulous EXCEPT !!!
that on other cruise ships you buy a "time" card for internet usage and go to a general area where there are a few computers and use it (using your time card). On the new FANTASY which is the boat we took, they have laptops that you can take to your room. They failed to tell me that THEY IMMEDIATELY CHARGE YOUR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD $400 for the priviledge of doing that. Well- I would have been ok had I been told in the BEGINNING. I would have even been ok if they had "reserved" $400 on my credit/debit card. But I was NOT ok when I went to return the laptop 2 days before we arrived back in Florida and they told me they had charged my Visa $400 and that it would be refunded in 5-7 days. WELL- IN 5 DAYS IT WILL BE A MONTH AND I STILL DONT HAVE MY $400. This is the stupidest way to do this I have ever seen! I am so angry. At the 14 day mark I called Disney and they said "Send us an email-we will get back with you in a week!" I was livid. Still nothing.
It took the magic out of the whole trip. I am not a wealthy person-and it's sure good that the $400 didn't break me but here I am nearly 1 month later and no $400. LIVID-LIVID-LIVID

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6/19/2012 Disney Cruise Line - As far as the comment about a death and attending
As far as the comment about a death and attending a funeral - that was NOT the case for me. Disney was very helpful and gracious when my FIL passed away only a week before our cruise. They only charged me a 10% penalty as long as I rebooked later with the remainder (which I did). They did not have to do that and that is why they offer insurance. If you pass on the insurance, you take the risk.

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2/4/2012 Disney Cruise Line - I've been on a Disney cruise already and come this
I've been on a Disney cruise already and come this July I'm going on another one I have nothing but good things to say about Disney cruises to those people who have had a bad time on the cruise give it another chance it's really wonderful

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10/23/2011 Disney Cruise Line - From what I am reading, Disney is not as reputable
From what I am reading, Disney is not as reputable as they show, I want to book a cruise for my family and friends, and their website is not very helpfull at all, plus my previous experience found the to be very expensive, especially as a family of five in this economy, obviously Disney does not care how the world economy is and in reading the previous comments, they do not care about their staff either.

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6/1/2011 Disney Cruise Line - The art gallery is a rip off!!!I bought a piece of
The art gallery is a rip off!!!

I bought a piece of art on the cruise ship 8 months ago...

Since then I asked for the art, I have asked for a refund... I have gotten neither...

the art gallery is a rip off!!!! Do not buy art on a Disney Cruise...You will loose your $$$$$.

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5/27/2011 Disney Cruise Line - Best 1800 number I have used in some time. Good
Best 1800 number I have used in some time. Good job

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5/21/2011 Disney Cruise Line - we are the students of MBA , pursuing last
we are the students of MBA , pursuing last semester. we are searching job in management in cruise line . we have 1 and half year experience. we have been dreaming for your cruise ship job . how to get job in your cruise ship,,please provide us full details.

with regards
sanjay kumar, harshal kakani

email id :

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5/19/2011 Disney Cruise Line - i would like to work in a ship.
i would like to work in a ship.

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4/5/2011 Disney Cruise Line - I just got off the Disney Wonder in Los Angeles on
I just got off the Disney Wonder in Los Angeles on Sunday April 3rd.

Very disappointed in Disney for several reasons.

Number one we did not get to go to Mazatlan, why? There reason was not safe, or some tourists killed. Well if this is the case they have a young lady who has been on accounted for on their ship since March 22nd I believe, she worked for them and has disappeared so they do not seem to be concerned about safety when their own employees vanished from the ship! Also, how many murders are there in the states and in California? I heard today on the radio driving to work that a couple disappeared in Baker City, CA. on their way to Las Vegas. They were last heard from in Bakers City and did not arrive in Las Vegas. So my point is that people are murdered in US cities so perhaps they should not have their ports in Los Angeles, Florida or anywhere else.

Another fact I would like to make known to cruise guests is the pay for your cabin stewards, waiters, etc. They get $26.00 every TWO WEEKS from the cruise line as their pay! (Could you survive and support a family on this?) Yes, so if you do not tip them when you leave the ship they make ONLY $52.00 month! I hope you all call the cruise companies and tell them this is wrong! They register their ships in other countries so that they can have slaves provide the labor on their very profitable ships! A company as rich as Disney and pays only this small amount for hard work, long hours and no time off not to mention any paid holidays or benefits. Many have worked for disney for 11 or more years and receive no other compensation. We are guests on the ship and pay the wages by tipping while they pay nothing and reap huge profits! Shameful is what it is and this is the standard for all cruise lines! I have been on 9 ships and they all do the same and treat them all the same. Also, the sleeping quarters are dreadful, small, crowded, noisy and in the bottom of the ship! Just want past cruisers and new cruiser to be aware and to let the corporations know you do not approve of the cheap wages they pay these workers who perform 12-14 hours or more a day for $52.00 a month. Many go on a cruise not realizing this and refuse to tip, thinking why should I when I paid $1500.00 or more for the cruise. Disney and other cruise lines need to tell the guests on board and also change their policy on decent living wages regardless of what country they live in. It cannot be the happiest place on earth or a place where Dreams are made when someone earns only $52.00 a month from a very wealthy corporation! I would like to see the CEO of Disney work on a ship for a month and do what they do and then get paid the $52.00.

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