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10/16/2015 Disneyland Resort - We visited the park on October 15, 2015. The park
We visited the park on October 15, 2015. The park was extemely crowded for a Wednesday in October. The ride operators were allowing 1 person to wait in line and then let as many as 5-6 people "cut" the line at the very front. I expect selfish behavior and bad parenting from the general public; I don't expect Disneyland to enable this behavior. The various characters and the lines for photos were a complete joke. We waited in line 4 times to see a character and the line was never more than 20 deep yet 3 of the 4 times the character left without so much as an explanation. With the prices Disney charges for parking and admission you would think they could assign a "handler" to explain which person is the end of the line so families aren't left waiting in line for nothing. I know the characters need breaks but there was no rhyme or reason to which characters would appear, when they would appear, or how long they would stay. Poor job. Glad I'm local - had I traveled in for this bad day I would be furious.

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5/4/2015 Disneyland Resort - We visited your Park this last Saturday 5/2/15. We
We visited your Park this last Saturday 5/2/15. We live in Southern California and have experienced your park many times over the years, always having a enjoyable experience. But not this time. Their were 4 adults and I want to say how extremely disappointed we all were with our experience on so many levels. We arrived at 10 am and by 2:30 pm we had only ridden one ride. The crowds were light and the average wait time on the rides was 50 minutes. So the crowd was not the problem, it was the number of rides that continuously broke down thought out the day. Also the restrooms in three locations were not maintained well. No seat covers and dirty in general. Trash cans through out the park were dirty and we only saw one person all day cleaning up trash. Your concession people were very rude and the girl taking money at the corn dogs really needs training on how to process payments more quickly. One of our party needed a wheelchair. Halfway across the park the wheel broke. We stopped at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and they told us they would have a replacement chair there when we got off the ride. Of course this never happened. We ended up abandoning the chair and our party who was recovering from a leg injury had to walk resulting in not getting our $20.00 deposit back.

We don't mind paying the prices you want for the tickets. We even expect to pay more for food there, but what happened to the enchanted feeling that use to radiate throughout your park from the parking lots to concession people to landscaping to costume characters,( oh and by the way we only saw two characters a Stormtrooper and the Princess from the Princess and the Frog ). I'm sorry to say but the happiest Place on Earth has turned into a middle of the road amusement park with nothing special any more. At best it the Saddest Place on Earth

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9/16/2014 Disneyland Resort - My husband along with our 3 children visited
My husband along with our 3 children visited Disneyland (Anaheim) this past week and had a four day hopper. We pulled our daughter out of school because any other time we have gone the crowds have been completely unbearable. It was nice to not have to wait very long for each ride, but this time was a bit different. I don't know if it was the heat, but many of the park workers were not very pleasant. It was almost as if you were bothering them when getting on a ride or asking a question. I had NEVER experienced this in years past. The Haunted Mansion opened on the last day as well as Space Mountain, but that ride broke down as we stood in line. We were able to get into the park early on one day and that was a joke. A lot of the rides weren't open and the rides that were open had such huge lines it was worse than when it was open to the entire public. I wasted a good extra hour of sleep. We saved our pennies for two years for this trip and I was a bit disappointed with our experience to say the least. Not really excited to return anytime soon.

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9/3/2014 Disneyland Resort - On December 10, 2014 my daughter & I decided to go
On December 10, 2014 my daughter & I decided to go to Disneyland. She was 4 (almost 5) and it would be her first time visiting Disney. We were coming to Disney for a very special occasion! You see, my husband, her Daddy, had gone to heaven 2013 and December 10 was his birthday. So we decided to go to Disney, the magical place, to celebrate his first birthday gone from us! Magical is the only word I can use to describe our experience. My daughter had an appointment with the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. During this appointment she mentioned we were celebrating her Daddy's birthday. As we were leaving to go see the princess' she was asked where her Daddy was, her response was simple, "my Daddy went to heaven and we came to feel the magic." There wasn't a dry eye in the room. From this point my little princess was completely pampered by employee, after employee. She saw front row the Beauty & The Beast live performance, VIP seating in Fantasia, she told me she was cold someone showed up with a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt for her, the list goes on and on! Magical it was~and these gifts were from the employees, showing me what a great management team there must be at Disney! I can never thank you enough. Disneyland will now be a family tradition!
A very happy family,

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8/21/2014 Disneyland Resort - It is actually a great and useful piece of info. I
It is actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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2/23/2014 Disneyland Resort - We visited Disneyland yesterday (Saturday,
We visited Disneyland yesterday (Saturday, February 22nd 2014). I will concede that the exhibits and rides were done in true professional Disney style. The fireworks were the best I've ever seen.
We didn't see ANYONE, though, who thought it was the happiest place on earth. It was SO crowded that it completely ruined the trip for us and for many who travelled far. The line-ups were 45 and sometimes 65 minutes wait. There were line-ups for the (filthy) bathrooms and serious line-ups for food. The people were shoulder to shoulder and we could barely make head-way.
For the $92 admission tickets it would seem appropriate to consider stopping entry at some point due to overcrowding. We stayed longer than we probably would have if conditions had been more pleasant, only to try to get in some rides, etc. in order to get our money's worth.

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7/20/2013 Disneyland Resort - On june 23 2013,my family and I flew to
On june 23 2013,my family and I flew to Orlando(Kissime)'from NY. June the 24th,all 5 of us went to magic kingdom around 10 am,and everyone was delighted to be there for the very first hour after,just before we got on the first ride I received an urgent phone call which obliged us to leave the dream park immediately.Im wondering if it is possible to be credited as a courtesy the tickets(5of us)that we did not have the privilege to enjoy.

Mercius Augustin Read More
4/16/2013 Disneyland Resort - This past Friday/Saturday my family of 4 adults
This past Friday/Saturday my family of 4 adults and 3 children went to Disneyland/California adventures. We were extremely disappointed at the many rides that were not running, or were up and down due to repairs,or broke down while we were on them. We heard that OSHA had come in and closed a number of rides and they have until 4/22 to fix them. All and good, but why should we have to pay the very high prices, and then not be able to ride the ones we wanted? There were 6 or 7 rides at any one time down, which caused other rides to be even longer waits. We had checked for closed rides before we paid, and only one was noted. This is a rip-off in the extreme. IT's bad enough that you can't even park on site anymore, but need to walk or take the shuttle to their now $15 parking lot. The food prices also increased about 25%, which made it even worse. It will be a long time before we spend this type of money at the "Happiest Place on Earth". What a joke.

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2/8/2013 Disneyland Resort - On February 1, 2013, to celebrate my husband’s
On February 1, 2013, to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday, I arranged for 11 of our friends and family to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for the day. When we arrived, we were quite disappointed to see the long list of closed rides; by the end of the day, our disappointment had increased immensely because about 70% of the rides that we wanted to go on were either closed for the entire day, temporarily closed while we were in line waiting to go on, or broken down when we were actually on the ride. As you can see from only a partial list provided here, the number of closures was excessive and represents some of the main rides in the Disneyland park:

--Small World (closed for the day)
--Mad Tea Party (closed for the day)
--Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (closed for the day)
--Indiana Jones Adventure (closed while we were in line)
--Matterhorn (closed while we were in line)
--Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (broken down while we were on the ride)
--Space Mountain (temporarily closed)

We understand that safety should be a primary concern and would rather that the park err on the side of caution. However, considering the amount of money that my group spent on tickets, we were extremely disappointed about the availability of rides.

Our biggest disappointment was Small World’s closure; this was the primary ride that our 3-year old daughter wanted to go on. As California residents, my husband, daughter and I were thinking about getting an annual pass; however, we are now rethinking that investment.

Had we known in advance the number of closures that we would encounter, we would have spent out money at another amusement park in Southern California.


Dr. Kirstin

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12/14/2012 Disneyland Resort - Disneyland Great Customer Service Review 12/14/2012
I went to your Mickey's Halloween Party for the first time on October 9,2012. During the event, my Mr. Potatoe Head costume, that I have had since 1990 (I purchased it from a Disney Catalog) started to unravel and I was in jeapardy of loosing Mr. Potatoes eyes, nose, and mouth. I went to the First Aide office and I have to compliment Disneyland for having such a nice, pleasent, and extremely helpful staff.
They all took my plight very seriously. They suggested safety pins, but it was their sewing kit that did the trick. We all found my situation very funny and I believe they all got a good laugh. I left First Aide with the confidence that my "vintage" costume would last the night.
I just wanted your staff to know how much their help was appreciated and to give my thanks for saving "Mr. Potatoe Head".

Yolanda G Fabela Read More
11/15/2012 Disneyland Resort - I went to the Disney California Park last Monday,
I went to the Disney California Park last Monday, the Veteran's day and I just want to say how sad and dissapointed was the visit. It was the first time for my husband and my sister, no for me that I have been in all your parks around the world ( Disneyworld orlando, disneyland hong kong and Tokio and Eurodisney) and this experience was the worst ever. We went by ourselves since we still dont have childrens, and 5 of the main atrations for adults were close because they broke down (space mountain, Splash mountain, Indiana Jones,Matterhorb bibskeds and haunted mansion) . When the Space mountain and the haunted mansion broke down we were inside and believe me it isnt something that I would like to remember, I didnt like it a all get stock in the middle of the space mountain, for security and safe reasons it should not happen. When we went to customer service they told us that what they can do is to give us fast track to use when the atraccions start to work again, but they never work and my sister and my husband could never enjoy any of the atrations that they pay for.
I write this eto show my dissapointment with a place that is supossed to be "the happiest place in earth" and It was not for me that I feel very frustrated because it was my idea to go there and show it to them. Also to show my dissapointment with the customer service because they didnt give us any solution. I think it is not proper for a well know name like Disneyland treat the customers like that

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8/23/2012 Disneyland Resort - I tried eight times to order two annual passes
I tried eight times to order two annual passes online with correct info and it kept saying it didnt authorize. I now find out i was charged $174 eight times thats $1392 out of my account. And now i cannot purchase passes and they told me they'd not even give me free passes for today.
Customer service both online and off didn't help in the slightest. I was sent to a hotline for a survey when asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Can you believe that! I have to wait 2-3 days for $1302 to be credit back to my account!!

Terrible customer service, major disappointment.

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