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DKNY designs tops, sweaters, jeans, pants, dresses, skirts & jackets are designed by Donna Karan. DKNY Donna Karan Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
550 7th Ave.
New York, NY
10018 USA
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-212-789-1500

DKNY Donna Karan Returns Address
Attention Returns Department
150 Omicron Court
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Phone Number

1-800-231-0884Review Needed Please Comment


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8/12/2014 DKNY - I purchased a sweater for my daughter in
I purchased a sweater for my daughter in Birmingham. The first time she wore it, it unraveled & it is now unwearable. I am disgusted with the cheap material & have not been able to get a response from DKNY customer services.
Will not be buying any more of their products.

annRead More
5/27/2014 Worst customer support from DKNY
Worst customer support
I got 2 items from Toronto premium outlet
a shoe last week and a wallet at Christmas
24 hours after wearing the shoe I went back to the store and showed them that the colour changed for no reason, They agreed with me but couldnt find an explainination and advised me to use aldo cleansers which still didnt do anything
As for the wallet 3 weeks after using it, the zipper fell apart

FYI I called the 1-800-231-0884 number, left a message and as expected no reply back and all their advice is keep on calling and leaving a message

NoraRead More
2/20/2014 DKNY - I spoke with customer service they continued to
I spoke with customer service they continued to Lie about the save30 promo code saying I saved more using the spring14 code and saying they could not issue me a credit I only wanted a credit if that code was available at the time of my purchases and it wasn't so I'm not expecting any credit unless it was available at the time of my purchase but they continued to lie and say ooh u did get an additional 30 percent of which I did not and repeated that and kept on saying we can't issue a credit and I'm like if u were listening I only wanted a credit if that promo code save30 was available at my time of purchase and they told me it wasn't which is fine but they just continued to lie lie lie lie and said I did get additional 30 percent of which I didn't and just kept on saying we can't issue a credit crazy ignorant lying folks trained these people to lie it so sad and just shameful I will not need purchasing anything from this website ever again my husband is retired military and works for the government DOD and it just shameful shameful they way these people lie this need to be corrected!!!

Tonya Dickson Read More
12/16/2013 DKNY rubber boots and my feed are cold and wet
I've bought a pair of dkny rubber boots to keep my feet warm and protected from the snow and water but instead.. My feet are always freezing and wet almost like I went out wearing nothing on my feet! I paid a high amount of money for a pair of shit boots that can't keep my feet warm nor dry.. I wouldn't recommend these boots to anyone...

SarahRead More
12/12/2013 I just called the DKNY store in Bond Street, London
I just called the store in Bond Street, London and as soon as the phone was answered it was put down on me. I called back and after 20 rings it went on to answerphone and said the store was now closed. The store is NOT closed as the opening hours are 10.00 - 7.00pm. I have called back a further three times and the answerphone still clicks. If their staff do not want to be off assitance then they shouldn't be working there. I shall now buy my item elsewhere.

RaymarRead More
8/26/2013 Threads are coming out of my DKNY bag handles
Hi.. I bought a DKNY handbag from Selfridges - Oxford Street on 17th July 2013. Within 10 days of me buying the bag, the threads from one of the handles has started to break out.I surely did not buy a DKNY for this appalling quality. I did not even use the handbag for 10 days and it has started to tear. Pleas ensure this is rectified at the earliest.

Awaiting to hear from you urgently

PakhiRead More
7/23/2013 I bought two leather bags from DKNY, but just
I bought two leather bags from DKNY, but just after few months using the leather broken. So I called the customer service to fix, change or refund my money back, but they never pick up the phone, and it goes to the voice mail said that they will call back in 24 hours but they never did!!!! I feel like DKNY sell their stuff that is it, they won`t take any responsibility if there is any problem with their products!!!!!

DKNY Bad quality bags and worst customer service!!!!!Read More
2/18/2013 DKNY - I purchased a pair of shoes from the LIMERICK
I purchased a pair of shoes from the LIMERICK location & The sales girl took off sensors. I got home & Proceeded to wear the shoes ... Receivers 2 right feet that were also different sizes. I called the store to try and rectify the situation. The young lady I spoke with was an obnoxious individual & Refused to give me the home office or district manager's phone numbers. I explained that I would have to travel a way away back to the store & She offered a whole 10 % off for my trouble. She said the store manager was to busy to talk to me personally. I will never shop at this store or Purchase another DKNY Product due to improper training of employees. They charge plenty of money for their product and should be making sure their customers are extremely satisfied.

2/7/2013 I bought A DKNY down coat that I absolutely love !
I bought A DKNY down coat that I absolutely love ! The very first time I wore it notice that feathers were all over my clothes. I thought that maybe there was a hole or something.. checked could find anything! So wore it again even worse then before !!! Feathers were everywhere!!! I could understand maybe if I had this coat for a few years but its brand new . I just got DKNY phone # and tried calling them today. Couldn't get in contact with anyone so I left a message , lets see if somone get back to me. I'm hopeing to get the same coat again but hopefully this time it's not so cheaply made!

DRead More
7/26/2012 DKNY - I just learned of a number you can call about the
I just learned of a number you can call about the watches but you do need to make sure you have your proof of purchase. Metro Central 1-800-tic-toc1 They might be able to help.

PennyRead More
3/20/2012 DKNY - I bought one jeans for myself 3 weeks ago but when
I bought one jeans for myself 3 weeks ago but when i got home it didn't fit me well so i decided to take it to DKNY store In OKLAHOMA CITY for either refund or exchange.all labels and stickers are there but only price tag was not attached with pant.sales girl wa so rude and said there is NO WAY i'm gonna get exchange or refund for this item.after arguing with her i just told her that keep my pant and i dont need anything from you and i was leaving,there is another salesman came from back and he got physical with me,pushed me and said GeT THE HELL OUT OF THIS DOOR or I WIll CALL SECURITY.I was shocked with this physical kind of treatment with DKNY employee.I have complained this to OUTLET MALL Desk.I'm planning to go see attorney also how to handle this case if someone get physical to me.

subhash gandhiRead More
3/12/2012 DKNY - I am very disappointed with the service provided
I am very disappointed with the service provided by a sales girl at DKNY store located at Great Mall Santa Clara, CA. I went to the store on 2/29/2012 and purchased a couple of shirts. There is a shirt that has verified by the sales person to has 60% off. However, I found out I was charged with original price when i reached home. On 3/2/2012, I went back to the store to verify but the sale person that served me on 2/29/2012 was not around. Unfortunately, i was "served" by a very RUDE sale gal. Even though the scanner showed that my shirt is 60% off the price that i was charged on my receipt. She was so rude and shouted at me when she told me that she cannot do anything at all to my request. She said "If you want to get a discounted cloth, you can just pick those that were throw on the floor". I was totally shocked by her respond and i really cannot accept i was treated in this way by a sales person from a reputated brand!

shenenRead More
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