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1/2/2016 Docufide - This company took my money for a transcript
This company took my money for a transcript for CTU to Nassau CC. My transcript was never sent, but the funds were taken. I have complained to the Better Business Bureau.

Thomas Phenix Read More
1/9/2014 Docufide -Your service stinks!
Your service stinks . Why do I need to use your service and you can not do anything until the school tells you. This is not saving time it stupid. Why not just go to the school and pick it up yourself with no waiting period. If possible I hope I'll never have to use your service again. Provide me with my transcript at the same time you take my money out of my account. Customer service is terrible. Why don't you just close down
Catherine Frowner

catherine Read More
9/10/2013 Graduated from AIU and trying to get my transcript from Docufide
My Name is Cynthia Ross I graduated from AIU online in Sept 2006. I have been trying to get my official transcript from docufide for a year and have been unable to do so. They continue to search Atlanta, GA AIU instead of AIU online. I would like to have my 10.00 dollars back or send me my transcript.

Cynthia Ross Read More
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