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2/24/2016 Doritos - Thank you for the riot of a commercial for the super bowl
Thank you for the riot of a commercial for the super bowl. Certainly memorable and well made. I am not a big chip fan but when I do decide to ingest I will choose Doritos because I am glad you could make us laugh and have fun. Who would a thunk there could be a way to cut labor time? As for the part about making the baby with human needs and wants...ah duh people.

Golda Read More
2/8/2016 Dear Doritos, "It's a Boy!" "Like father,
Dear Doritos,
"It's a Boy!"
"Like father, like son!"
I'm pro-life!
Don't let the others push you to apologize for your freedom of speech for your Super Bowl ad!
I will be paying attention!

KarenRead More
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