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12/26/2016 Dremel - My brother made a lot of cut glass windows for
My brother made a lot of cut glass windows for there home. He doed and she gave me this saw ..Model 67-2 moto-shop saw. 1.2 amps 116 volt 80 cycle.. I do cut glass and have trouble cuting circles.. Is this saw the type that will help me with the circles on my window ????? I am 82 , not an expert, but love working with this hoby after being a nurse all my life... What blades do I need for this saw if this is what my brother used... I live in the north Ga mountains and not much hear. I would appreciate it if you could help me .. Thank you much God Bless

Nancy Veronica FortunatoRead More
7/6/2014 Dremel - I was having a devil of a time removing the
I was having a devil of a time removing the sandpaper tube from the drum sander. I took it to the local Home Depot & none of the guys in three depts. could help. Finally a C.S. gal said she'd just helped a customer with the same problem & knew exactly what to do. She used a screwdriver to push the rubber off the paper. I wanted to buy extra drum sanders so I could just replace the whole head & not have to worry getting the sandpaper off. But HD didn't sell them! When I tried to insert the new higher grit sandpaper---the tube just got stuck halfway on. I called Dremel & spoke to Adrian, a very knowledgeable representative. Thank you so much for not sending my call to India, Jamaica or the Phillipines. Adrian was very professional & most helpful.

JoRead More
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