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Dress Barn Boasts over 800 stores, across the USA, Dress Barn strives to maintain its position in the marketplace by providing its own private label brands and contemporary fashions with low prices.

Dress Barn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
30 Dunnigan Drive
Suffern, NY 10901
Dress Barn Email Address: [email protected]
DressBarn Online Phone Number: 1-877-879-3561
Dress Barn Credit Card Phone Number: 1-888-427-7790

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1-800-373-7722 Review Needed Please Comment


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9/30/2013 Dress Barn - Your return policy is terrible. Basically once
Your return policy is terrible. Basically once the tag is removed, there are no options.

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7/21/2013 Dress Barn - I shop at the dressbarn in tigertown well last
I shop at the dressbarn in tigertown well last year the store order us some blackdress for our church .They was church usheruniform it was about forty dress or fifty.MY question is can you.ll order us some white dress like the black one you,ll order for last year.If it not to must trouble they was jones studio black dress.

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4/28/2013 Dress Barn - I live in Canada and would love if your products
I live in Canada and would love if your products could be ordered on line and shipped to Canada.

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4/8/2013 Dress Barn - I was shopping locally here in Jacksonville, FL. I
I was shopping locally here in Jacksonville, FL. I went to the store off of Marshall Drive in St. John town center. There was a lady tagging the new items on the sales floor she begins to ask can I set you up a dressing room. I am like no ty. Then I changed my mind. So, I go pick out dresses that I like and try them on. I found 2 that I like. I told the cashier that helped me in the being that I was ready to check out. She snubs her nose up in the air at me and walks on and goes on to help another customer over me and then try's to come back and help me after words. I spoke with the manager regarding her snub nose attitude. All she could do was apologize. Then before all of this happen. I tripped over a clothes rack on the sales floor. Things are so tightly packed in there that it is hard to maneuver around in this store. I do not like attitude, or snub nose people when I am the one paying there salary or hourly pay whatever they receive. She needs some lessons in customer service drilled in her head daily and classes on how to smile and counter act with customers and serving one customer at a time of who is first to next. an needs manner classes as well. each C.S.R. should go though these things if they work any were. Team meetings every day at 6 am to get it though there head until the store opens especially if there charging 50- 120 dollars for the dresses.

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12/27/2012 Dress Barn Customer Service Positive Review
Dress Barn Customer Service Positive Review 2012/2013

After reading so many negative comments about dressbarn,I'm glad my mother and I walked into the Carle Place store in NY. We were greeted by,Letesha,a sales person who goes beyond the call of duty!My mom fell in love with a blazer but they didnt have it in her size,Letesha checked all stores,found it in Jersey and is having it sent to their store for pick up.The manager was nice enough to tell me to text so I could 20% off my total bill.Thats really looking out for the consumer.From one happy costumer,thank you and Letesha,keep the warm smile and the eagerness to help!

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10/13/2012 Dress Barn - To whom it may concern,I was in Washington DC this
To whom it may concern,
I was in Washington DC this weekend. I had an awesome experience. My pocketbook broke you know how it is when a women is with her pocketbook. We was walking down the street and there was a dress barn my friends said to me go into the dress barn to see if I could get a pocketbook. We went in the store and there was one of your store attendant named Maryann @ store # 2942 she greeted us with open arms very helpful she looked up dress barn store in the towns we lived in. She was very knowledgable about your products she gave us excellent customer service so as you know these days that's very rare. I am giving her a recommendation of excellent customer she went above and beyond her duty.

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9/24/2012 Dress Barn - 1-800-373-7722 Dressbarn Customer
1-800-373-7722 Dressbarn Customer Service
1-845-369-4500 Dressbarn CORPORATE Office.

Always know that here in Washington state & Oregon state @ every Dressbrn they will do whatever you ask to, to help you. I see comments hee that people leave and am uncertain as to the information you have. They have been amazing in Pasco, Washington, @ the Broadmore Mall.
I also read about a LADY and who is a senior and she made her payment on it's due date in the store itself. She commented they/Dressbarn, gave her a $30.00 late fee several times. The phone number's I left above are for people, which all really are educated in knowing the company and are willing to help you in any way they can. Especially in this type of situation & remember to Always get ahold of them right away, so that you always have pleasent experiences with Dressbarn.
I love their clothing. They are always long enough, hard for me @ 5ft. 9 &1/2 inches tall, let me tell you. Drssbarn also makes the LARGER SIZES AS WONDERFULLLLL AND AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE SMALLER SIZES. INSTEAD OF NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL, as we all see alot in the larger sizes..
I truly, as a customer, hope that anyone would call & get ahold of Dressbarn to get any help they need with. Remember, Dressbarn customer service can help you to find something that the store may be out of as well.

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8/27/2012 Dress Barn - Please bring back the drawstring sheeting pants. I
Please bring back the drawstring sheeting pants. I have purchased numerous pairs of them for years and years. Probably as many as 15 pair per year. I purchase all of my clothes at Dress Barn and have for probably 12 to 15 years. I have the sheeting pants in every color and want to be able to continue to purchase them. I was very disappointed today when I entered the Waltham,Ma store and was told you no longer stock them. I purchase a whole seasons worth of clothes each time I shop at Dress Barn. I will reconsider shopping there if you don't bring back the sheeting pants. It would be a shame if that occurs because I love all the clothes and the store is convenient to get to and the staff are wonderful.

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7/17/2012 Dress Barn - I am a senior and I want to know why does your
I am a senior and I want to know why does your company keep charging me late fees even though my due date is the first of every month and that is when I go into your store and pay my bill. For the last four months you have been charging me late fees that have now gone up tp almost $30 extra a month in addition to my regular payment. I have shown proof of my payment to no advale. I am going to tale legal steps to get this matter under control. I think that your company is defrauding us seniors and I for one am going to make shore that no one else is being abused by your company. Look out dress barns becuase I am on the warpate with you.
P.S. My friend put this e-mail in for me.

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7/8/2012 Dress Barn - Terrible customer service at the dressbarn in avon
Terrible customer service at the dressbarn in avon .
The bathroom was dirty..no changing table to change my 1 yr old on.and when I asked where I could throw my diaper away..the manager on duty told me I couldn't because it had poop in it and started laughing at the whole situation it was embarrassing..I was highly offended.. if there were trash cans outside of the store I would have thrown it in there..however I had to walk across the parking lot 2 blocks to a local dumpster with my 1 year old in tow at 8pm..I will never..ever..shop there again.

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6/17/2012 I went to the dress barn in Wisconsin Dells and
I went to the dress barn in Wisconsin Dells and the evening manager, I believe, any way she has bleached blonde hair and very skinny was so rude to me that I shall never go back. One example is that I had a several pieces of clothing in my hand and instead of offering to open a "try on" stall she just stood and watched me. Another way was she never said hello to me and just stared at me. I want to make it clear this is not the first time this lady has been rude to me; however, I put the clothes back and walked out. I went down to CJ banks and the sales lady their greeted me as I walked into the store told me about sales and it was good for both them and me. This is not the first occurence over a period of 5 years. I can tell you it shall be the LAST. If you enjoy being treated rudely, then go to a dress barn.

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6/10/2012 Dress Barn - I want to say thank you to the sales staff at the
I want to say thank you to the sales staff at the Woodhaven Dress Barn. The two of them went above and beyond their jobs in helping me. I happen to go into their store at around 6:00pm, I was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in 2 days. I had put my shopping off because I wasnt feeling good about myself and probably wouldnt have gone to the wedding if it hadnt been for their help. Terese, you are awesome!!!I really appreciate the 2 and a half hours you spent coordinating styles and sizes to fit my body shape. It was so sweet of you to be so patient and understanding with me.After I tried on just about every dress in the store and Terese making trips back and forth to my dressing room, I couldnt find the comfort I was looking for. I almost left in tears when she suggested trying a dressy pant suit. I decided on a beautiful pantsuit that made feel very comfortable in my skin, and yet beautifully dressed up and actually feeling pretty. Now, I needed my slacks hemmed. Terese jumped on the phone and made contact with a few seamstresses she knew that may be able to help. With much success I left the store that day feeling happy and confident that I could support my son at the wedding of his friend looking classy and proud! SO thank you Terese and Barb!!!! You two are awesome at your jobs! In my opinion Dress Barn is very lucky to have employees that support Dress Barns reputation as the two of you do so well!! PS Thanks for helping me choose my accessories as well, I love them!


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