Droid Phone by Verizon Phone Number



The new smart phone from Motorola, Verizon and Google. See hints & shortcuts to reach customer service below:

From Your Droid Phone
#BAL (#225) + (SEND) to Check balance
#MIN (#646) + SEND) To Hear Minutes used
#PMT (#768) + SEND) To Make payment
Prepay Shortcuts:
*611 + (SEND) Check balance
*86 + (SEND)Voice Mail
#PMT (#768) + (SEND)Make payment

Phone Number

1-888-294-6804Review Needed Please Comment


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4/6/2011 Droid Phone by Verizon - ok i use verizon and am ready for an upgrade and
ok i use verizon and am ready for an upgrade and would really like to get the droid... the prob is I have nails and the only way you can use the touch screen is by your finger tip which so hard to do when you have nails...I currently have the LG envy touch and with that phone you can either use your name to navigate the touch screen or use your finger tip....I was hoping that the droid will add this to their phone... cause as of right now with my nails i cant use the touch screen and if it worked like the env touch then i would be fine....maybe even in the settings there can be a place where you can select to navigate with finger tip or with nail....as of right now with nails you can not touch the screen with your nail and it work it has to be a finger tip which is hard...so is there any way that is can change....i figured if it works like that wiht the LG envy touch then im sure it can be something that can add to the droid... thank you and hope to hear from you soon

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