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1/15/2017 Duracell has always been my battery of choice.
Duracell has always been my battery of choice. Christmas 2016 I bought the kids Magic Tracks with 3 cars and new batteries. Only one of the cars worked with the Duracell the other two worked with my tv remote batteries.. After trying the new Duracell again in the other 2 we left them in the cars overnight. After going to buy Energizer we came back to change them out and the Duracell have erupted in the cars and the acid was all over the place. I bought the Duracell batteries from Meiijer and a friend said that none of his batteries from Meijer had worked. From now on I'm an Energizer girl.

SqueakRead More
12/22/2016 Duracell - Have had trouble with a a batteries last two
Have had trouble with a a batteries last two years--they leak or don't work I have been fortunate and have caught these problems in time have used duracell for years but now Iam thinking of going to the other brand if made in USA why do they have writing on them I cannot read it seems the quality has is not what it used to be have some older 2011 2012 that still work and do not leak

JamesRead More
7/26/2016 I purchased 2 packages of Duracell size D
I purchased 2 packages of Duracell size D batteries for my radio. After using the radio for a couple of hours I brought it into the house and put it on the dining room table. About 20 minutes later my wife noticed 2 puddles of a black substance. Thinking it was oil I grabbed the radio and took it outside. I opened the back battery compartment. There was liquid all over the batteries. I took them out not even thinking the battery could be leaking. The radio no longer works, I burned my wrist and the table top is ruined. I have pictures I wish I could attach. Please don't bother sending me batteries......but tell me how my ruined dining room table will be fixed. Not to mention my burned wrist!!!!

GregoryRead More
7/16/2016 Duracell - Recently I have had several leaking problems with
Recently I have had several leaking problems with Duracell batteries in my electronic devices. The acid has really created costly and wasted time problems. The batteries cost more than other brands which I haven't had any problems with. The expiration dates for the problem batteries are at least 1 to 2ys in the future.

HoboRead More
7/8/2016 Duracell - I have had two dcs5343 chargers in the last three
I have had two dcs5343 chargers in the last three months and they do not last long. I'm very disappointed and will not purchase another one. The web site is very difficult to use. I thought I would try this. Thanks for listening. M. L.

markRead More
1/27/2016 Duracell batteries leak - Acid ruined my items
Duracell batteries leak!!! Acid from them ruined wall hangings, flameless candles, solar lights....and an expensive mag flashlight.....NEVER AGAIN!!!!

judyRead More
1/19/2016 I purchased MANY of the Duracell 300 led flash lights
I purchased MANY of the Duracell 300 led flashlights (packaged 3 in a pack, as I recall, including Duracell batteries) for emergency use in backpacks, glove compartments, nightstand drawers, etc. They all worked fine when tested immediately after installing batteries (cells), however, several months later the flashlights would only come on from one to 3 seconds before shutting off. Replacing the batteries solved the problem, HOWEVER, the flashlights were NEVER USED and the battery's "expiration" dates were as far out as the year 2024. This issue is not only unbelievable but seems knowingly negligent (since so many have already complained).

Also, the Duracell 300 flashlights draw current even while shut off, even though quite small, the four AAA cells drain over a short period of time and render the lights DANGEROUSLY USELESS, since they are most often used for “EMERGENCY” circumstances.

I called Duracell’s phone number at 800-551-2355 and got a recording that it "was no longer in service”… very frustrating!

GlenRead More
6/8/2015 Duracell - I must agree with John on 6-3-15, no integrity in
I must agree with John on 6-3-15, no integrity in Duracell!!!!! I purchased solar lights made by Duracell and one does not work. I have left messages on several numbers listed for this company for the past 2 weeks. You can not get a live person and when you leave a message, nobody calls you back! I am disgusted with Duracell and Jaiwei who supposidly makes the duracell solar lighting out of Hayward, CA. I thought I was buying dependable when I went with the Duracell name. Lesson learned!!

lindaRead More
6/3/2015 Duracell is a sleazy organization that doesn't
Duracell is a sleazy organization that doesn't know the meaning of integrity!i applied for a $4 rebate on an led bulb. Months after I sent the documentation they returned my letter telling me they needed the bar code from the packaging. I returned the required documents and weeks later my letter was returned telling my the offer had expired! I will NEVER from these sleaze bags again!!!

JohnRead More
11/22/2014 Product Duracell Powerpack 300 car starter /
Product Duracell Powerpack 300 car starter / inflator has gotten me out of trouble with the car, the boat trailer, and restarting the boat at the mooring !
I need two parts. the rechargable flashlight, which I lost, and the assembly at the end of the inflator line.. (the tire end ) Please send/Bill if possible or call me at ... E-Mail is @maine .rr.com

Bud SawyerRead More
8/5/2014 Duracell - I have a one of a kind clock, the other day it was
I have a one of a kind clock, the other day it was not working so I said to my Husband take it down and when we did acid all over the place. The date on battery ( double A ) dated 2017 has leaked all over my clock. What is going on with your product, which was always no. one.

PaulineRead More
4/18/2014 2 packs of Duracell 8 AAA batteries and they do not work
I have purchased 2 packs of 8 AAA batteries and none of the batteries work!! Best fire 2023 batch number 32888634oe

AmandaRead More
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