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What really sets Earth Fare apart from other stores is not only what we offer, but also what we don?t offer. Like any products with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors, synthetic growth hormones (in the meat and milk) and unnatural sweeteners! Yep, they?re all banned from any products sold in our stores!

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2/15/2015 Earth Fare - This is the first and only letter of complaint
This is the first and only letter of complaint that I have ever written, but I feel so strongly about the recent changes in the Chattanooga store, and perhaps all of your stores, that I must speak out.

I have been a loyal customer at the Chattanooga store since it opened approximately four years ago. My home is 26 miles away from the store, but I have been traveling at least once a week there to shop. Although your prices have been generally somewhat higher than other grocery store options (Fresh Market, Publix, and Whole Foods), I have chosen Earth Fare because as a 73 year old retired Army veteran, you have always offered a ten per cent discount, which made your prices comparable. Additionally, I have been very pleased with your breads, particularly the French peasant loaf, made every day, and the pecan raisin loaf, made only on Sundays. I make a round trip of 52 miles each Sunday just to buy the pecan raisin loaf.

I have been out of the country for the last couple of weeks and upon returning to the Chattanooga store today, I discovered that the military discount is now available only on Thursdays and the senior citizen discount is only on Mondays. More importantly, I discovered that the size of your bread loaves has been reduced to half its prior size, but yet the price remains the same. The size of the raisin pecan loaf that I bought today is joke!

I know that hundreds of other folks are complaining and are upset because we stood around the store talking about it among ourselves and with the Earth Fare staff. If you are trying to cut corners simply to increase profits, shame on you. If your stores are in financial difficulty, this is not the way to turn it around.

Unless I hear otherwise from you, I have made my last trip to the Chattanooga Earth Fare store and will begin shopping elsewhere.


William Read More
9/3/2014 Earth Fare - After having lived in Johnson city Tn, and
After having lived in Johnson city Tn, and Asheville NC, I am afraid I have become dependent on Earthfare. I moved two years ago to Viera, Florida and have written and requested Earthfare to consider opening a store here. I have not heard a response, but am undeterred and am pressing on. This would be a perfect area for a new store. Publix runs a monopoly here, and though they try to offer an "organic section" its just not enough.

Manda Read More
6/17/2013 Earth Fare - The Montgomery Al location is awful! The hot
The Montgomery Al location is awful!
The hot is sub par at best. It's never full
& what's there looks like its been out
For hours! Forget about trying to get a slice
Of pizza! 9 times out of 10 there is nothing
Prepared & if by some miracle the is a
Remnant of one put they can not tell me
How old it is! As of 10 minutes ago the group
Of 5 employees who were just hanging out
& had made themselves a pizza that they were
Attempting to keep out of our view. I
Approached the the counter 3 times & was
Ignored as usual. The cashiers seem to be
The only polite customer service oriented
People here. I'd rather drive to whole foods
In B ham than ever shop here again!
This place is a joke!

Nancy Read More
5/24/2013 Earth Fare - This may not be the place to put this! It's not
This may not be the place to put this! It's not so much of a complaint as it is a "heads up". Last week I bought Earthbound celery hearts at your Athens, GA store. Got them home and found I had one celery heart that was "left too long in the field" and the other was the strangest thing I've ever seen. It looked like the plant would grow a couple of inches and then start all over again. Like one plant had been grown on top of another. I returned this purchase and the reaction from the employees was the same as mine - what on earth? They'd never seen anything like it either. The store replaced the celery hearts and home I came, to discover two more strange celery hearts only these were in worse condition (as celery hearts go). Earthbound comes from fields in Mexico. Are they having some sort of problem down there? Frankly, the celery I got should never have been packaged. I assume you receive the hearts already packaged and don't see them. You might want to check! I've been buying this item from the same supplier for quite some time. The quality just dropped into the basement!!

Mary Anne Read More
8/20/2012 Earth Fare - Two things.First, picked up a protien drink that
Two things.
picked up a protien drink that was sour.
Second, breakfast was fair but lunch.. I held out as long as
I could..was 8.41 for beans, white rice, and brusselsprouts with tea.
Outrageous. I never would have bought it had I known it was so much. You can buy a steak for that.This is not Earthfare. It is Earth unfair.
I will try my best to avoid theis place and I will spend my money at French Broad Co-op. I am done with this place.

Jean Read More
4/20/2012 After having often recommended Earth Fare to my
After having often recommended Earth Fare to my friends, I am now VERY disappointed that you have removed the 32 oz. Stonyfield organic Strawberry yogurt from your coolers in the 2 Knoxville Stores. I love that flavor & size & quality. But if you will not carry it, I will go to Kroger's to get it. Lyn

Lyn Read More
10/24/2011 I have been shopping at Earth Fare for quite a few
I have been shopping at Earth Fare for quite a few years,since the store opened in my town. I find the staff to be exceptional. You've carried quite a few things I really need. The downside is that your staff is hamstrung to provide good customer service. I can't count the number of times you've discontinued an item that I use fairly regularly. The people who work at Earth Fare have told me that unless I order (some huge quantity) the can't get it for me, if at all. The message this sends to me as a customer is that I am really not that important.And I realize I am not. Just this week you will be discontinuing another item I frequently buy though not every week. Guess what I won't even be inquiring. I once saw you had a billboard. I had to laugh and think, well, they are spending all that money on a billboard and if someone who cared personally about me as a customer came to this town, I'd would go there in a second, and Earth Fare would be hitting the road. I have friends that work at Earth Fare. The people are really great. I hope if there's a new store they go over there. I can feel the corporate atmosphere at the store, though its a real turnoff.

Paula Read More
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