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3/22/2016 Easy Spirit - I love the e360 sandals. I would like to see a couple more styles each year
I love the e360 sandals. I would like to see a couple more styles each year, and more colors. Last year, there was only one model in FootSmart, In black, navy or taupe. Not too exciting, was it? I chose the least of 3 evils (in my opinion), taupe. It seemed quite wide, and did not have quite the arch support of some previous years. I try to get a new pair every year, because it is the ONLY shoe I choose to wear in the warm season. The elastic on the taupe model also didn't hold up as well as some previous models. My first pair was a metallic bronze, I loved them and people commented on them everywhere I went. I will be getting the hot pink this year, but please go back to the original design and more interesting materials and colors. It is a great shoe.( P.S. I don't need extra width.)

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1/7/2016 Easy Spirit - Very comfortable shoes
Easy Spirit - Very comfortable shoes. I love them!

RupalRead More
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