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The eBay Company is the largest auction style website in the USA. eBay offers a platform for sellers to sell products by auction or with buy it now. Buyers can find a multitude of hard to find collectibles to new items on eBay

Ebay Corporate
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125
Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-376-7400

5:00 am-10:00 pm PT 7 days a week

More Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone: 1-408-376-7400
Tech Support: 1-866-934-9647:
User Provided 1: 1-866-540-3229
User Provided 2: 1-866-643-1587
User Provided 3: 1-866-643-1607

Phone Number

1-866-934-9647Review Needed Please Comment
1-866-540-3229Use Passcode after viewing help sections


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6/22/2016 Ebay - are there negative stars? every number I try I get
are there negative stars? every number I try I get incompetent people in manila who say "i can't", will try banana ,tired of incompetent outsourced idiots in Manila who think ebay rules supersede U.S, Federal law, and I had top tier 1% U.S. security clearance for 10 years!

SpacewranglerRead More
3/21/2015 Ebay - i will not give my personal home number to any
i will not give my personal home number to any seller that requires it
this should NOT allowed to happen in a transaction on eBay at any time to make a purchases the place i did made a purchase from never asked it be fore now they require it go figure
the seller has no business asking for it if they do and it shows up on the address then thwe world knows my number
and i will not do this at any time

dennis Read More
12/26/2014 Ebay - I had a piece if equipment stolen out if my RV .
I had a piece if equipment stolen out if my RV . This unit showed up 2 days later on eBay. It was gone 3 days later . No trace of anything left. Is thee a way to see an eBay sellers list of individual items and or will eBay investigate if I can prove that the item was legitimately stolen ?

Robby Read More
7/27/2014 Ebay - I purchased a radio off of e-bay for $400.00 long
I purchased a radio off of e-bay for $400.00 long story short I was told it worked I got it paid $250.00 to have it installed after installation they asked me for a four digit code in which I had no clue seller never gave it to me. I called 150 plus times I e-mailed tried texting and nothing from the seller. I took it back to the shop and they tried to break the code with a Kenwood rep on the phone charged another $55.00. So in total I'm out $705.00 Now e-bay wants me to have the radio uninstalled to send it back to the liar and cheat that sold me the non working radio. No telling how much an uninstallation will cost me. They are going to refund half my losses the $400.00 I paid for the radio but how is that fair to me? How else was I going to find out the radio worked or not I never knew I needed a code. I think e-bay is helping this liar and thief get away with ripping off a customer with 100% rating can someone help me please this is a weeks worth of pay. Thanks

JohnRead More
7/7/2014 Ebay - I've tried these numbers and the 1st ne was an
I've tried these numbers and the 1st ne was an ebay cs number but it's no longer in service. The second is for eBay Motors Ca you please up date the cs number pleasenickie

NicholeRead More
9/25/2013 Ordered rims from Ebay and I have not received them
on 09/17/13 I ordered these rims {dr 16 red 17x100 and I have not received em yet my name is willie rodriguez - Please help

willieRead More
8/5/2013 I have a product question with my order on Ebay
I have a product question.I ordered a large hand braided pineapple shaped lucky bamboo plant off of ebay. I should say my friend ordered it for me. I only want to know how wide the plant is. I know it's 10 - 12 " high. I can't wait to get it. thank you for your help.

Robin AnnicoRead More
11/23/2012 I've trie to purdhase items on EBaY but it won''t take my debit card as my card number has changed
How do I put my current degit card in the blank. It keeps pulling up my old number?

Robin DurhamRead More
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