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8/7/2017 Ecitydirect - I am trying to return 2 items but there is no
I am trying to return 2 items but there is no "return" information on the shipping labels or the website. I have sent emails requesting assistance to return the items (both unused and 1 unopened) but no response. I've called the customer service number - no answer, it just rings off the hook. Extremely concerned that this is some kind of bogus company and I will be stuck with 2 products I won't use.

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3/18/2015 Ecitydirect - Purchased a comforter set through Amazon for a
Purchased a comforter set through Amazon for a Christmas gift. Several weeks later the comforter was washed according to the manufacturers instructions and the colors bled. Got a return authorization. Paid almost $30.00 to return to vendor. When I went to follow up on the return I was informed I returned a "used" item and it was discarded. No replacement, no refund, no help from Amazon. I am just out in excess of $100.00. Please beware!

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