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8/24/2015 Econolodge potentially dangerous situation in one of your hotels
I would like to inform you of what we consider a potentially dangerous situation we found ourselves in on April 1 4:40 am as we were leaving our room to catch an early morning flight. I would have emailed sooner, but our cottage rental does not have Internet access. I was a few feet in front of my husband, so I pressed the elevator button. We were on the third floor, but the elevator came quickly. The door open and I moved to enter. I was frightened by a black male lying on the floor floundering around. I quickly step back and the door closed. My husband saw my frighten reaction and asked what's up. I explained what I saw. We both had heavy luggage, so taking the stairs was not an option at this point. We waited a few moments hoping this person would leave the elevator on another floor. My husband then pressed the button and sure enough the person was still in there. My husband asked him are you okay couple times with no reply. He just stood there and stared at us. He finally left the elevator and we quickly entered and got out of there. We then realized this fellow was homeless and was sleeping in the elevator. When I checked out I mentioned this to the front desk clerk. Her reaction surprised me. She did not look or sound overly surprised. She just said I will have someone into this. This gave me the impression this has happened before. We both feel this could have been a dangerous situation. It was dark and no one else was around at this early time. We are luck this fellow was not aggressive or threatening towards us. Nowadays you never know who's in possession of a knife or gun. This was our second stay at this location.Your lack of security at this property has us second guessing whether or not we would consider staying there again. I also don't feel comfortable leaving my vehicle park there for several days. I hope you will take this situation as seriously as we are. I am requesting a full compensation for our stay which was a one night stay and 10 nights of parking.

PinkieRead More
7/22/2014 Econolodge - econ o lodge on The BOULEVARD IN SEASIDE HIEGHTS

SUSANRead More
4/27/2014 Econolodge Review - Disgusting, gross, unsafe, nasty, cheap, and Bad
Disgusting, gross, unsafe, nasty, cheap, and overall just bad!!! And that's putting it nicely. I stayed in Ecoco lodge in Santa Cruz. It was by far the worst hotel stay in my life!!!

RainaRead More
8/18/2013 Disgusting EconoLodge on New Hampshire Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland
Staying at the EconoLodge on New Hampshire Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland and I must say that this place is disgusting. First, while it was a smoking room the room stank, not of cigarettes but of something I could not put my describe.
Oh well, decidet to go ahead and stay. While laying in bed, my man notices there is a cricket in bede. I pull back the sheets and notice there are hairs on the sheets. Again, we don't complain.
I go to take a show and notice there if FECES smeared on the shower curtin. Go to the front desk and the clerk comes to my room to confirm my complaint. She goes to speak with the "Manager" and calls to indicate that the maintenance (Francis) man will be coming by to put up a "NEW" shower curtin. When the guy arrives, he is holding a balled up curtin and when I ask if it is new, he says "I took it from another room" and with an attitude asked "do you want it or not"?

By now, I am really pissed and will NEVER stay here again. I guess the adage "You get what you pay for" is true.

MuataRead More
12/27/2012 Econolodge Customer Review and Complaint 2012/2013
Econolodge Customer Review and Complaint 2012/2013
We stayed at the Beaufort, S.C. site in December 2012. The room looked okay until we went in the bathroom. It looked like it had not been updated or repaired in 15 years. A repair on the wall was made by smearing caulking all over, there was black mold where the toilet base had lifted off the floor, back side of bathroom door was peeling and splintering, and toilet seat was loose, and hinge cover was missing, and was gross inside it. Tub also had cigarette burns on it. We also had to go the the lobby to access the internet, and when we decided to watch TV, a number of the channels were all snowy and unwatchable! Not worth the $90.00 we were charged. Go elsewhere!!

I wont get cheap againRead More
8/18/2012 Here at the econolodge in Hicksville, NY there are
Here at the econolodge in Hicksville, NY there are no irons. We asked for one and they tell us irons are not available in every room... Choice Hotels - never again... Hair on the shower walls, a 1960 fedder air conditioner, no batteries in the remote. Too much wrong and the best part, Im wrinkled for a very important meeting.

WalterRead More
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