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1-877-888-2678Hint Needed - Please Comment


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12/22/2011 Inc. - As of today 12/22/11, for the past five days I
As of today 12/22/11, for the past five days I have made 34 telephone calls (one lasting more than three hours), trying to get my problem solved. Ordered and received an LG 42" television in late November. When I set up the TV and removed the foam cover, the frame was cracked, 4" long. I immediately called eCost and have spoken many times each to 16 of their associates with no satisfaction. Item was supposed to have been picked up return and replacement but never was.

GayRead More
4/13/2011 Inc. - will not answer phone put on hold everytime l try
will not answer phone put on hold everytime l try to contact them about an order i received that had missing parts. will not do buisness with them again!!

royRead More
3/4/2011 Inc. - beware of this siteextremely high shipping rates,
beware of this site
extremely high shipping rates, then they refuse to make you aware of the backordered items in till u call them and wait on hold 10 mins
oh sorry ur item is on back order for 3 weeks
sorry we are under transition BS

henryRead More
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