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9/18/2015 Edgestar Koldfront room air conditioner is not blowing cold
I received my Koldfront room air conditioner on 9/15 let it stand for 24 hrs. plugged it in and it does not keep the room cool. It says 64 degrees but not blowing that cold. What can be done?

Rick Read More
8/25/2015 Edgestar - This wine cooler shuts off all the time.
I just stubbed my toe for the second time trying to pull out this wine cooler that shuts off all the time.
I reported this to the company couple of weeks ago with no response.
I will give them the worse rating on amazon and elsewhere if I don't hear back

Max Read More
6/17/2014 Edgestar - can't reach anyone. I have a wonderful Edge Star
can't reach anyone. I have a wonderful Edge Star Dehumidifier, Model DEP 301 EW
Serial No. 504TA515069. Put it away for the winter, here in humid Florida, brought
it out of storage and it no longer works.

Could someone please call me at

Gloria Peale

Thank you so much.

Gloria Read More
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