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5/2/2014 The Elchim customer service number doesn't seem to work
The Elchim customer service number doesn't seem to work. Or else the company chooses not to answer their phone. I've made numerous attempts to contact them, and to no avail, the phone does not pick up. I've had my Elchim two years as of March 28th 2012. April 23, 2014 as I was drying my customers hair, the back end of the dryer started smoking.I saved all my receipts and paperwork, which says it has a lifetime warranty. I am a stylist, and when you don't answer your phone, that's a problem for me and my business. I hope that by leaving this comment, that YOU will call me. My number is. This is my business, just like this is yours. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and getting this issue resolved. Thank you Patty

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