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11/28/2016 Elle Decor - Your system will not let me cancel my
Your system will not let me cancel my subscription. I sent in the first invoice with cancel written on it and you still won't cancel my subscription. You must have a terrible magazine if you have to force people to subscribe. Consumers BEWARE!

donnaRead More
10/15/2016 Elle Decor - Unable to contact, you cashed my check and keep
Unable to contact, you cashed my check and keep billing me $10.00. You need to have a better customer service.

WalterRead More
8/1/2016 Elle Decor - I paid in full and they keep sending me invoices
I paid in full and they keep sending me invoices it even shows I paid

JamesRead More
4/14/2016 Elle Decor - Terrible experience. Obviously a call center over
Terrible experience. Obviously a call center over seas. I was hung up on rather than given service. I won't renew any heart magazines.

John GallagherRead More
2/16/2016 Elle Decor - I canceled my subscription [2] months ago and
I canceled my subscription [2] months ago and never received a refund. When calling their number you get put on hold forever. Do not subscribe from this company!!!

earleneRead More
1/25/2016 Elle Decor - My wife is having the same subscription issues as
My wife is having the same subscription issues as many others have reported. They have ignored her written cancellation requests and have sent her collection letters with a not-so-veiled threatening tone. This sleazy practice of automatically renewing subscriptions, service, and product orders without the customer's permission is becoming more and more common place. Before ordering anything with your credit card beware of this growing scam.
In the case of Elle D├ęcor Magazine, once you have ordered , e-mail and phone communication with the subscription arm of the company is obviously made deliberately difficult. Bottom line - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ELLE DECOR MAGAZINE!

R.Read More
10/19/2015 Elle Decor - I have subscribed for 4 years. I pay at the same
I have subscribed for 4 years. I pay at the same time each year and by check. You do not have my credit card nor do you have my promise I will renew. That is my decision on a yearly basis not your's. I've received a letter saying "When we billed you for your subscription, we fully believed you would send payment upon receipt....your good standing with us is at risk." How dare you "speak"to me as though I owe you the way I owe an electric bill or house payment. I had planned to mail my check in November (the time of year I've paid for 4 years) but now you can keep sending your letters and I'll keep ignoring them because I have no obligation. I won't renew after being spoken to as though I ignore my debts.

SusanRead More
9/17/2015 Elle Decor Terrible customer service
Terrible customer service did not understand what she was saying. Gave her a/c no 3 x times. She did not
understand and said she must hang up. Called again gave a/c no and he said I had the wrong tel no. What the
heck is going on here? I told the first person I replied online do not send gift magazine and now I receive a letter
for payment. My friend does not want the magazine as a gift. I advised you two times by letter and by line.
Stop this harassment by your co. I love your magazine but get new customer people who know what they are
doing. Do not send to India, please.

AnaRead More
9/11/2015 Elle Decor - This company sends out a "notice of continuous
This company sends out a "notice of continuous service" which means they automatically renew your subscription without your permission. They then bill you for renewal and don't let you choose to cancel. I will not buy a Hearst company publication ever again because of this slimy business practice.

KarenRead More
7/8/2015 Elle Decor - Elle is extremely confusing and rude
Extremely confusing and rude. I have a bank notice that showed a withdrawal of 28 dollars, that is for two years. Then I get a renewal order. I call to them their is an error not to automatically renew me again, since I paid in April . The girl said well on July 1st we automatically renewed your subscription but we will refund it. But let me get my suprervisor. Supervisor say, "we just cancelled your order like you said." I never said cancel the order.
2nd supervisor said once it is cancelled "there is nothing they can do about". Ok.. so what about my 28 dollars. It will be refunded. They need to train 100% percent of the customer service staff AGAIN. Everyone I spoke to was confusing, rude or indifferent. The last woman did help a little by giving me back a year subscription, since they had sent me a 10 dollar check for last year's mess up. She said I now have a year subscription since I never cashed the check. Wow, they all spoke great English they sounded American but totally distracted. So Sad. What a fearful statement about our workforce. Too bad the magazine is so good. Otherwise I would totally cancel .

Almost Cancelled.Read More
6/1/2015 Re: ELLE DECOR Magazine - Please CANCEL my
Re: ELLE DECOR Magazine - Please CANCEL my subscription, I am not renewing it again at this time. I have sent several responses to your offices, and I keep on getting reminders. Please stop sending me notices from the credit & collection department. I have also called your Customer Service Office, and spoke to Ms. Ines, extension 2218. Your cooperation is appreciate. Thank you.
Mary Martin Alegret
12204 SW 94 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33186-1916

MaryRead More
5/23/2015 Elle Decor - I just received an "Important Subscriber Notice" ,
I just received an "Important Subscriber Notice" , attached to the cover of the current issue, letting me know that my current subscription term is ending, What! How can it be ending when I just received my THIRD magazine? I signed up for a year, should'nt I be notified AFTER I've received say, nine issues? The remaining three months is ample time for them to send out a renewal notice, and for me to respond as to whether i want to "continue" for another year. I think it's a little premature to be asking for a renewal before I've even got a chance to DECIDE "IF" i want to continue with the subscription. It's like having a sales person breathing down your neck while your "shopping", I don't subscribe to many magazines, so maybe there ALL like this, but I for one don't care to be "pushed" into making a decision so soon.

Mrs. CRead More
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