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10/3/2013 Embassy Suites - If you can find another hotel in San Marcos it
If you can find another hotel in San Marcos it would be to your advantage to do so. The bathroom door is very difficult to open and close. The room was not been cleaned properly. The bathroom smells like it hasn't been cleaned in a week . Overall my experience was not a pleasant one.

TootallRead More
11/24/2012 Thanksgiving dinner at Embassy Suites Buffer Charge?
On Thanksgiving Day, we had reservations for 6 people. Except for the fact that we had to ask for water, knives ( due to insufficient place settings) and drinks to get started (after 15 minutes at a table), we had a pleasant dinner. Even though we had to personally go to the bar to order a bottle of wine, we were enjoying the experience.

Whenever the bill was presented, we noticed that the gratuity was in place on the bill. Not a problem as we like that. The bill was presented at $263.94. (Tip was for $38.00) Today, we checked our credit card bill and in the "pending" column, there was a charge for an additional $52.79, for a total of $316.73.

I called the hotel in Loveland, Co where we ate and asked "why the charge?" I talked to the manager and was told that it was a "buffer" charge. We have never had a buffer charge billed to us. So my question is--if one signs for a charge on his credit card, why were we not told about the so called "buffer charge" so that we would know what it was about? Is this a policy of the company? It is totally disturbing to us. Yes, they offered us the explanation that it is a "pending" charge and that it would be deferred. But why would $52.79 make a difference as to whether or not one can cover the charge? Seems like a petty amount for a company that is supposedly a 4 or 5 star hotel to deal with that amount.

This will definitely be the last time we eat at your restaurant; and we have no problem telling other people of our experience.

DorisRead More
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