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emusic is a subscription-based service that allows consumers to own, not rent, their entertainment, eMusic is the largest service to sell music -- and the first service to sell audio books - exclusively in the popular MP3 format. (MP3 is the only digital format that is compatible with all digital audio devices, including the iPod? and Zune ?.) eMusic targets and successfully direct-markets to consumers who are sophisticated, tech-savvy and knowledge-hungry, dramatically expanding the sale of catalogue widely known as ?the long tail.? Since Dimensional Associates acquired eMusic in 2003, the company has more than tripled its subscriber base and sold more than 200 million downloads.

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2/7/2016 eMusic.com Inc. - I have cancelled my membership with eMusic but you are still charging
I have cancelled my membership with u guys back in January and u r still taking money out of bank account. SO I WANT THAT MEMBERSHIP CANCELLED NOW.

Kory Read More
1/22/2016 eMusic.com Inc. - I am trying to cancel my membership. I called and
I am trying to cancel my membership. I called and was told the supervisor was only one who could cancel a membership. Then the representative continue to attempt to finish the sells talk. I explained that I just want to talk to her supervisor so I can cancel my membership and hope to get my money back. She refuse to transfer me saying that they are not taking money out of my account. I lost it then and said a few choice words and told her I did not want to talk to her, I only want to talk to her supervisor, she hung up on me. Now when I call someone is on the other end but not talking.
I went on the web page right after setting up my account and canceled my membership. The money has continue to be removed from my account.

Charman Read More
1/12/2016 eMusic.com Inc. - I signed up for the trial membership and was
I signed up for the trial membership and was promised $20 credit on my account. Well I could not find but one song I wanted. Following their instructions to download it did not download anything. I was billed $11.99 for this though immediately. I tried about 4 times to find and download something. I could not find a number to call them about this. I cancelled and have not been billed anything else. They keep emailing me though as if I am still a customer or like I still want their services. Every time they do I email back I want a refund. No one has responded yet.

Linda Read More
1/7/2016 eMusic.com Inc. - Good luck cancelling eMusic.com
good luck cancelling this membership. I don't even remember signing up for it and my husband had been paying the fee monthly on a credit card without questioning it. May have been something I've paid for 10 years.... cannot get anyone on the phone and the only way I found a number was not on their website.
my credit card charge does not reference phone number or account number.
the only way to get rid of the charge is to cancel your credit card account.

RC Read More
12/9/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - customer service? maybe they should look up
customer service? maybe they should look up meaning. offer just a way of sucking you in. where are they HQ at outer space?...or 4th world country? is there a minus one rating?

roger Read More
12/3/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - Why is the e music site sending me to a web page
Why is the e music site sending me to a web page for new members to join in every time I try to log in for the past two days. This is getting very annoying. Please explain what's going on....

Neil Read More
8/3/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - All I want to do is speak to a live rep about the
All I want to do is speak to a live rep about the double downloads and double charge which occurred after rejoining eMusic August 2, 2015. I called the number I saved from the first time I joined eMusic a year ago, called and thought I had the wrong phone number because a heavy accented guy answered. I asked, Is this eMusic customer service"? He replied yes ma 'am and you have been chosen to have a $100. gift card. I thought I the number in my phone had to have been wrong and told him, "Never mind sir" and hung up. I went on-line to find what seemed like the correct number and the same person answered! I am hearing impaired so trying very hard to understanding the accent of what sounded like someone in India was frustrating. I ask if I was speaking with an eMusic rep? After he confirmed this is what he said. "Yeah ma' am but let me tell you, you have been selected to receive a $100. gift card. You may spend it anywhere you like" So I then said, "Sir could you just connect me to the department that can help me with the problem I'm having with my eMusic account"? His reply, "Oh yes ma'ma but we want you to have this $100. gift card, then I will connect you with our customer service department". My reply, "Uh huh, so how much is this gift card going to cost me sir"? His answer, "Oh ma' am only a shipping charge of $6.95, my final reply "Sir this sounds like a scam, I'm hanging up now sir"

Sheila Read More
4/30/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - I have been working with them for a month and a
I have been working with them for a month and a half, trying to get my downloads to work. They have taken over 2 of my computers 4 times, and cannot resolve the issue. They say that the problem is "specific to my computers." Really? Two computers with different OS's both stop working after 9 years of service and it's my fault? Have been trying to get the $15 balance refunded to me, but no one in customer service will contact me. You can't call anymore either. Only the techs email me and say its my fault. What is wrong with this company? I can download from ANY other internet source, including iTunes and Amazon!

Steve Read More
3/7/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - Up-to-date I have been pleased with this service
Up-to-date I have been pleased with this service but now they seem to have run out of music in the genre that I like the most. They put or grouped music with the genre that in my opinion doesn't fit so I get a lot of useless options which makes my searching so much more complicated.

ElderRalph Read More
2/2/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - I have had very much trouble finding a customer service number
I have had very much trouble finding a customer service number. I was very happy to run across this one only to call and get a recording that says they are no longer offering phone support?... great. I used my card on my daughters account for a trial offer. She forgot the e-mail address she used on the account and the password to get into the account. Without the password to the e-mail it does no good to have anything sent there. We were never able to get ahold of someone who could help. This was a couple years ago... only other way to get this $11.99 monthly charge off my card is to close my bank account? really?.. but I have seen complaints about peoples accounts being opened up to charge them. I cannot properly close the account with this music company if they do not provide a clear way to do so after being locked out of the account I'm being charged for not using. After a couple of years of paying for nothing I'm getting a bit frustrated. I need an actual person to help with this issue instead of a computerized run around please...

tara Read More
1/30/2015 eMusic.com Inc. - This is just terrible business practice
This is just terrible business practice. When I signed up for a free trial period and $20.00 free music download, I was charged $30.99 and within 4 days they again charged my account $20.99. I called and talked to customer service and I was told I would be refunded the amount of $31.99 and $20.99. On the 4th the $31.99 was refunded, but I was never refunded the $20.99. Then to my horror music.com within 10 days of me signing up for what I was promised a free trial period, billed my account $15.99. That is a total of $36.99. I am outraged and mad as h---. How do I get my money back and cancel this money hungry monster, before I suffer anymore loss.

Deb Read More
10/15/2014 eMusic.com Inc. - I've had a couple of weird problems and emusic had
I've had a couple of weird problems and emusic had no problem fixing them and giving me credits. I'd recommend it to anyone.

bobsal Read More
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