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12/19/2015 Energizer Battery $8 off promotions are not working
You have all these $8 off promotions if you buy 2. I did that, went home & typed in the codes on the back of the promotions., one passed(needed 2), the other did not so I bought another pack. That did not work either.
Just saying, you're a reputable company, what's wrong with this picture.

Barb Read More
9/20/2013 Energizer Battery - I purchsed the AAA 4 Energizer Recharge Battery
I purchsed the AAA 4 Energizer Recharge Battery for my outside lights. It indicates that they will hold power for 1 year. They did not last 1 month.

Very poor batteries for the price paid. I am sending them back to Energizer.

Richard Read More
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